The Social Network: Your Thoughts? (closed)

What did you think of the film  The Social Network? here are a few questions you might want to discuss. What are the main themes of the film? What was your favoruite scene? Why What is your favourite quote from the film? Why? How does having viewed the film change the way you perceive Facebook? Are you a heavy Facebook user? What do you like or dislike about Facebook?

Additional Reading

Amazingly, the producers have made the film’s script available on the official site website. You can download it here:

Additional Viewing 

The Winklevoss twins discuss the move:

An early video of Eduardo promoting Facebook

Sean Parker on Friendster, MySpace and Facebook

A longer interview with Mark:

How the move should have ended:


So, what are your thoughts on the movie?


  1. I think this movie is a big success. I especially like the dialogues. Some of them are quite meaningful, such as: ‘I think if your clients want to sit on my shoulders and call themselves tall they have a right to give it a try. But there’s no requirement that I enjoy sitting here listening to people lie. You have part of my attention–you have the minimum amount. The rest of my attention is back at the offices of Facebook where my colleagues and I are doing things that no one in this room, including and especially your clients, are intellectually or creatively capable of doing. Did I adequately answer your condescending question?’ Mark is a really intelligent boy but it is a pity that he uses his intelligence on wrong things, like comparing his ex-girlfriend Erica as farm animals, kicking Eduardo out of the company, etc. I especially appreciate Justin Timberlake. He is such a excellent actor!! To me before, Justin Timberlake was just a good singer who had won several Grammys but I didn’t know that he is a brilliant actor also! I hate Sean Parker but I like Justin Timberlake.
    It’s a pity that the actors in this movie speak really fast and it is quite difficult to understand the dialogues without the script. I also think the tone of this film is a little bit dark. Different from The King’s Speech, betrayals and jealousy are the highlights of this film. After watching this film, I was a little bit unhappy, thinking about the conscience of the people: Does the conscience still exist in people’s heart while living in this high-competitive world nowadays?

  2. To my opinion, I think that the film was quite interesting and worth to see. As the method the director used to show Mark’s thought and the cases he have to face is quite unpredictable. Besides, I like the crossing of cases in between the story to let us not to be easily bored during the film.

    1. I feel a little bit deflated about the film. having looked forward to it, but it wan’t what i expected. The story is quite confusing for me and all thee character in the movie are too fast that i can’t hear clearly. However, after watching this film, i know more about Facebook, like the website designer and the design procees.

  3. The movie let me know how amazing the largest social network , Facebook, is founded. Mark had faced so many difficulties and the related lawsuits were so toublesome. I appreciate Mark’s creativeness and braveness, which made him the youngest billionaire in the world. He was not afraid when being sued by the Winklevoss brother and Eduardo.
    However, the movie is sometimes quite confusing. The scene changes too quickly that the audience may not be able to catch up with it. Together with the fast talking speed, it is quite difficult to understand the film. Although it is on purpose to talk so fast, it would be much better to talk a little slower.

  4. I agree with Charisse about the people speaking too fast. I watched this on DVD at home and quite often had to repeat scenes. Nevertheless, the movie could hold my attention.

    I disagree with her last comment implying that the movie is not suitable for teens, however. I think it is important because it raises two important issues.

    1. Thoughout the movie, Mark Zuckerberg, tends to do things without thinking about the consequences or about whether what he is doing is right or wrong (insulting his ex-girlfriend online, setting up a website to compare and rate female students, misleading the Winklevoss twins while working on his own site, basically kicking Eduardo out of the company). He seems to be ammoral (i.e., does not care about morals). However, if he did things differently, would he have been so successful? In this modern, highly competitive world, will having high moral standards hold you back?

    2. Teens these days are always blogging and posting messages, and in the process, they are leaving permanent records (like when Mark blogged about comparing female students to farm animals). When people in my generation were teens, we said lots of stupid things, too. However, we said them in person, or over the phone (leaving no record. Sometimes we wrote things down in letters, but quite often during taken to write something down and then deliver it (by post, in person), we might calm down and think, “oh, maybe I shouldn’t say this.” Even if we did write and deliver a stupid message, it was usually only to one person.

    When you post on facebook or your blog are you aware that you are leaving a permanent record?

    it’s related to conscience (the ability to tell the difference bet

  5. After watching this movie, The Social Network, I have known more about Facebook. The characters in this movie speak really fast that I could hardly understand a phrase, even a word. I only understand the summary and the ending of this movie by asking my classmates who have watched this movie before. I really don’t understand that why this movie could win a Oscar Award. However, most of the Oscar’s movies are difficult to understand and not suitable for children or teenagers.

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