What is your dream in life?

Members of the studio team have recently completed a short film about people’s dreams. What are your own dreams? What are you doing now (or plan to do in the future) to achieve your dreams. Post a response and let us know what your dreams are:

The image at the top is a detail view of a painting by Chan Yar-kuen, an artist and former teacher at SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School. He is one of the subjects of the above video.



  1. I believe that everyone has a dream. Since primary school, we have been told to write about our goals and dreams. A lot of people wrote about being a doctor, nurse, police, pilot etc. My dream could be considered as common but also ambitious. My dream is to become a doctor in the future that I can help people cure diseases but not to earn high wages as health is the most valuable thing of a person. I want to diagnose different diseases and find out the cure. After getting the degree of medicine, I want to study in pathology so that I will be able to find out cause and cure for a particular diseases just like the doctor investigating the cause and cure of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in 2003. I know that there a lot of news about medical malpractice recently but I will try my best to avoid any medical malpractice if I become a doctor. I am not only dreaming but I am trying to actualize it. I hope that my dream will be actualized one day.

  2. Nah, I have lots and lots of dreams and fantasies in mind.
    But I don’t mean to accomplish them all before my last breath; some are just fantasies, real fantasies.
    Just like to dance above the stars, I know it’s kinda silly, but if I get a choice, I will give all the things up just for it.
    Therefore I enjoy sleeping too as the most precious time of my life enables me to do what ever I want, free from all the restrictions, even the physical one.
    But whatever, I’ma tell you my real, achievable ones now,
    First to be a scientist. The seed of this really sowed in my mind when I am really small. When everyone else shouted to be a doctor a lawyer a businessman, I intended to study and immerse myself in the fantastic world of science. Among all those subjects, I like maths and physics the most. So I would be a mathematician or an astrophysicist, who studies quantum dynamics as his part time job. haha.
    Secondly to travel ’round the world. I want to see lots of things, want to do lots of things. I try if I can do all of these before I die, please remind me when I forgot these: to ride a horse on the Pampas in Argentina; to learn to play the accordion in Spain; to write a poem standing on the top of the Greater Khingan Mountains。 Remind me please if I forgot them.
    Finally, I also have some secular thoughts: to have a happy life with my beloved one ( if I can find the one ), to serve my family well before they go forever sleeping, and to make sure my exams go well this time.
    However, it would be really sad, if everyone, above, boys and girls, when you grow up, you forget about those ambitions words you promised to the people ’round you. It would be really tragic right.
    Therefore, guys, don’t forget your dream. I remember them, and I will wake you up if you do. 🙂

    1. When I was small, I have lots of dream, such as flying in the sky with wings, building a candy house with lots of snacks, swim into the deep ocean without the oxygen mask and I can take a clear image of the sea and find out the animals that haven’t discover by human. These dreams look like weird and without possibilities but these are the things that I want to do the most until now. Also, I have lots of dream jobs, such as pilot, chief, teacher, doctor and lawyer.
      I want to be a teacher when I am grows up. As I know that this job is hard and tired, I need to pay more effort on it. Also, I need to handle lots of works like homework books, schedule and examination. To avoid the serious sleeping problem, I need to have a good time management and learn from the experienced from my primary teachers. They have already taught me for over 6 years. In this precious period of time, I can learn the knowledge and the things I will know in the society.
      From now on, I will learn more for academic and non-academic areas. Also, I will read more books for the subject that I want to teach. On the other hand, there might be some students that are naughty and lazy ,I will ask them to stay after school and teach them once more .As I believed that nothing is impossible and if I pay love and spend the time on them, the students can be more well-behaved.

  3. My dream is actually to travel all around the world. Hong Kong is a small city as we all know, it’s only a dot on the map. So I really hope to travel to as much countries and places as I can and discover more cultures everywhere, and compare each other’s time which may help bringing harmony to life.

    For my dream careers, I’d want to be either a lawyer or a politician. I like to debate on things and give my own ideas. In addition, I want to make sure that things are fair and everyone is equal!

    From now on, I’m really gonna work harder and strive for dreams!

  4. Everyone have their own ambitions. When we were still small, our parents always told us to work hard in order to study at a university with excellent education and therefore, we can do a better job with stable income. For me, (I am quite greedy!), I would like to be either a pilot, or being an English teacher.
    Firstly, I have none of the eye defects at all. Thanks to my whole family, I do not need to wear glasses and that is the basic requirement for being a pilot. However, for my PE, I still have rooms for further improvements. Being a pilot needs to be physically fit, so I should start playing sports from now on in order to get well prepared. I personally would like to work in Cathay Pacific Airways, which is a Hong Kong based international airline. If I really become a pilot one day, I can drive someone who I would like to thank them.
    Secondly, I would like to be an English teacher. In Lam Woo, all teachers who teaches English is whole- heart and also care about different student’s needs. They influenced me a lot and made me think that being a teacher is a meaningful job. I can help both myself and also the next generations.
    Everyone has their path to succeed, just try your very best and enjoy the life which is full of beauty!

  5. Having a dream is really wonderful and also meaningful. I believe that everyone would have a dream. No matter what kind of dreams they are, there must be a great reason behind it. Dreaming to achieve something is not enough so we have to work hard in order to reach our goals. I have a dream too. I dream to be a teacher when I grow up. Since I think being a teacher is quite tough and difficult but somewhat interesting, I started to learn more about this occupation. So how did I learn about it? Actually, my dad is an English teacher who teaches in a secondary school. Therefore I came across some of the things experienced by a teacher in their teaching career. For example, some students may be harder to handle as some of them are naughty or do not listen to what the teacher said. However, I see this job challenging and thus, worth trying. I know that it’s going to be tough but I still think imparting knowledge and life skills to students are very important because these will affect their growth and the kind of person they will become. These things pushes me to achieve my dream. Now, I have to work harder on different aspects, such as academic and non-academic, so that I can have a round development to acquire the criteria to become a teacher in the future. I hope all of us could have our dreams come true from the bottom of my heart. Dream big, work hard and stay focused. “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”

  6. I have a dream since i was 9 years old till now. I want to be a lawyer when i grow up. Actually, i just wanted to help the poor people who are virginal. I like debating very much and i think that the speaking skills of debate are quite like what the lawyer need to say. And i think that everyone is equal before the law that everyone is being protected by the Basic Law. Therefore, since i was young i like to help people in counts and solve the problems by using many evidence and demonstrations. Since then, i study hard to achieve this goal, however it seems to be too difficult for me to do that.

  7. I have many dream since i was 4 years old. I want to be a teacher when i was 5 years old because i can teach other knowledge.I want to be a super star when i was 6 years old because i will be famous.I want to be a model when i was 7 years old because i can wearing beautiful clothes.but now i still don’t know what is my dream now.I hope i can find my dream before i graduate from secondary school.

  8. I have a lot of different dreams, when I was small, I want to be a doctor. But when I grow up, I think being a doctor is very horrible, because I always need to see blood. Therefore, I think of another. Now, I want to be a policewoman. Because I think being a policewoman can keep the stability of Hong Kong. Hope everyone dreams will come ture!

  9. Having a dream is a very meaningful thing.Marching toward a goal.My dream is to become a writer or a lawyer.I love writing.Writing can let me feel relax and I think it is interesting too.I also want to become a lawyer.I uphold fairness Anyone who committed crimes has to be sanctioned under the law. Good citiizens should also be protected by the law. Everyone should be treated the same under the law.Let our dreams come true! Dream high!

  10. Everyone has a dream .when I was young ,I wanted to be a teacher ,then I can teach children more things. At that time I think being a teacher can be fun every day .I will be happy if my students are happy .I hope to make everyone be hard-working .I think being a teacher is the most happiest job in the world.
    But now days ,I have changed my idea .I want to be a lawyer because I want to make the world better .I want to change the world ,I hope there is no case in the world and everyone can live in a clean world and be more happy

  11. Everyone has a dream .when i was young ,I wanted to be a teacher ,then I can teach children more .At that time I think being a teacher can be fun every day .I will be happy if my students are happy .I hope to make everyone be hard-working .I think being a teacher is the most happiest job in the world.
    But now days ,I have changed my idea .I want to be a lawyer because I want to make the world better .I want to change the world ,I hope there is no case in the world and everyone can live in a clean world and be more happy

  12. I want to move to Canada.Own a house with three floors and a big garden in there.Enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in the backyard every Sunday evening.Spend my weekend with my aunts, uncles and cousins.Including going to church every Sunday.I want to be a lawyer.I wish to travel the world.I dream of going to New Zealand every three years to visit my aunt and uncle.I would like to be a volunteer in a school for student who has special needed in there.I wish to sleep for eight hours a day and have a sweet dream every night.I dream to be free to do what I want for two hours a week.I wish the world to be more peaceful with simple lifes.

  13. My dream is to move to a place where is very enjoyable. I can relax myself there and there would not be any clash. People there are not living for money, they all enjoy their lives with their own interests. This place is with a amazing scene and there would not be any pollutions (no car, no factory).
    My dream is to find out this place and invite my family and friends to move to my dreamland.

  14. Girls always have dreams,fantasy dreams.They dreamt that a handsome and rich prince will appear one day and they will live together happily forever.When I was small, I had these dreams too.But now ,I understand that cultivation is more important.For me, I think all I need to do at this moment is to study hard, and try to receive as much knowledge as I can.As I know,to achieve any dreams ,knowledge is needed.

  15. When I was a child, I wanted to be a doctor. It is because doctor is caring.
    However, I change my mind now that I want to be a programmer. Programmer is essential in this advanced information technology era. My programs will make more convenient for people in daily living, for example rice cooker, microwave oven. Then the standard of living could be higher. On the other hand, I will earn much money to have tours around the world. I can see more and learn more.
    To achieve this, I need to be more hardworking. In order to be a programmer, I should enhance my knowledge to prepare my future.

  16. I used to dream of being a firewoman as it is a meaningful job. I think they are brave to save people out of the fire. I adore them and always think that they are heroes when I was young.
    When I was a bit bigger, I wanted to be a flight attendant. I like travelling abroad and travelling by plane very much. Also, I think it is a job that is easy to handle.
    However, I am quite confused about my dreams now. I just want my life to be full of joy and happiness. Nothing is better than having a happy life.(:
    I will study hard from now on so that I can have more opportunities in finding jobs in the future.

  17. When I was just a child, I’ve always wanted to be a police. I think catching theives is a very meaningful and exciting thing to do. I can contribute to the society.
    However, when I started to grow up, I gave up on this dream. Since catching theives is dangerous and I am not fit enough to pass the physical test, being a police is not my dream anymore.
    My dream now is to be a programme host in radio station, because I think hosting a programme is very fun and can tell the audience what is happening in the world. I think doing such thing will be a wonderful career for me.

  18. My dream is to be a doctor, saving people’s life and helping people who have diseases.

    At the same time, when I have earned enough money, I would like to bring my parents

    or family to travel around the world, buy a large flat and live with my parents as I know

    that my parents will be bored when they get old.I want to have a free and comfortable

    life, do what I want and do not need to worry about other factors.

    On the other hand, if I have my own family one day, with my husband and children, I

    hope that my family is fulled of peace and happiness without arguement.

  19. My dream is travelling around the world because I have only travelled one country.Second,when I am watching some TV programes and magazines about different countries,I think they are wonderful.The third reason is travelling around the world can broaden my mind and let me know more about different cultures.If I don’t travel around the world,it will be a big loss of my life.I hope I can achieve this dream in the future.

  20. My friends always tell me about their dreams like travelling around the world , being very rich or going to marry a rich man etc. Actually, I admire them very much because I haven’t found my dream yet.
    When I was small, my parent and my relatives always asked me about my dream .I was quite confused when thay asked me. I would answer them I haven’t thought about my dream and thay would be very surprised.
    In fact, I don’t have a “big dream”(about my future)now. I just always think of different types of “small dreams” such as going to have a try on something or buying something.I didn’t think of some “big dreams” like being some special professional etc.
    Now, I just know that I can’t have a better life without going to the universities so I will work hard in studying, But sometimes, it’s very hard to work hard without any dreams actually,Therefore ,I hope that I can have my “big dreams” soon.

  21. I believe everyone would have a dream. Some of them may want to travel around the world when they retire. Some of them would like to be a doctor, a lawyer, or a bussinessman when they grow up.
    My dream is different from them. I would like to go to the airport when I earn money, and see whether which is the earliest plane I can board into. Then I will get into the plane and go to the country or city I’ve never been visited.

    I won’t take luggage including clothing, camera, or even mobile phone. I will just take a small handbag with money, home key and passport. Because I think it is a symbol of freedom of taking a little bit things. I will turn off the mobile phone and put it at home that no one can find me.
    In fact, just taking money, home key and passport is not a problem because money can buy anythings you need. Thus I don’t want to bring so much things.

    Do you know why this is my dream? I can do things randomly and to have one’s own way. I don’t need to worry about anything because this action is a little bit mad, but free!
    I don’t think it is difficult to achieve my dream. When I grow up and earn money, I can achieve my dream easily because it just need a few thousand dollars. I hope I can get a good job when I grow up and achieve my dream! 🙂

  22. My dream is to be a doctor. As being a doctor can help a lot of people and for example I can heal people who is in pain or is ill, like those who just had an accident or have been diagnosed with cancer.
    Secondly, I also think that wearing the white doctor’s suit give me an undescribable feeling and sastisfaction that I cannot get else where. Lastly, being a doctor is always my dream since I am young so I really hope that when I grow up I can be a doctor.
    Although this goal is so hard to achieve, I will study hard to be a doctor.

  23. My dream isn’t big.I just want my life could full of love and happiness.I hate people always lies and being rude to other,so my dream is to live without them.i don’t need to be rich if i am happy.Also,i want to have a sweet live with my unknown mr. right.:PIt’s boring if i am always single.Althought i know dreams are hard to acheive,but i am still trying to do it.i will send my love and happiness to my friends to have my first step.

  24. My dream isn’t big.I just want my life could full of love and happiness.I hate people always lies and being rude to other,so my dream is to live without them.i don’t need to be rich if i am happy.Also,i want to have a sweet live with my unknown mr. right.:PIt’s boring if i am always single.Althought i know dreams are hard acheive,but i am still trying to do it.i will send my love and happiness to my friends to have my first step.

  25. Actually, many people have a dream but won’t achieve it.I’m appreciate the musician in the video very much:)When I was young, I dreamt to be a doctor when I grew up.Some of the people may think:doctor is a well-paid job, so that’s good for your future!However, i dreamt to be doctor because I’m just interested on their job.Their job is very meaningful!And I’m trying to read more book about biology, to achieve my dream=]

  26. When I was young, I just think I need to study hard and able to study in the university. Now, my dream is still that. But I am thinking how about after study in the university? I am confused about my future recently. I want to become a psychologist because I find that many people in Hong Kong receive a lot of pressure. I want to help them. But I have no confidence to study hard. Maybe I give too many preesure to myself, I think. Because when I do anything, I always want to be perfect. Even I know that’s impossible, I just cannot control myself to work more harder, to be more perfect. I hope my dream can really come true. But first, I think I should give lower pressure of myself.


  27. When I was young, my dream is being a caricaturist. When I was young, I want to a businessman to earn a lot of money.
    When I grew up, I was quite confused about my dream sometimes.
    I think a dream of making a lot of money is too silly. Now, I think my dream is to have a happy life. In the happy life, I will be healthy. Diseases will disappear. Also, I will have a warm family. I think live happily with my family members is the most impotant part in my happy life.
    In order to make my dream comes true, I have to study hard.

  28. My dream life…It will be a perfect life, of course. Everyone hopes to have it. I hope that I can stay oversea to another country, Taiwan. The environment there is better than Hong Kong. There are more countrysides and also food. I will stay in a big house, which has a huge garden and greenhouse. I will plant a lot f flowers and trees, even fruits and vegetables there. I will cook for myself and bake cakes or make desserts. I also hope that I can own a cafe and served different fancy-looking desserts to everyone. On the other hand, I still hope that I can stay with my parents and have a happy life, enjoy the sweet family time. However, I also hope that I can have a kind and warm husband or boyfriend, just like Show. Just kidding, but i hope that my dream can come true. My dream life will be a fabulous life. I think that I will enjoy it very much.

  29. I dreamt to have a place with no worries and sicknesses. I want to live and enjoy my entire life there. I think I can be very happy and comfortable living there. The world now is with lots of problems and people are fighting with each other for fame and money. People are upset and their health conditions won’t be good. I dreamt to have a world without people caring for their interests only. I want a world with real friends. I think a harmonious society will be my dream and everyone’s.

  30. in fact, many girls want to find a rich and handsome husband. if i can really do it, of course i welcome:) but for my dream, i want to be a designer, a fashion designer. it is hard to have a sucessful start in this job. it is not easy to find a good and top fashion designer to be my teacher. but dream may not really happen in your life…… So, i also want and i will try to make and create a harmony family. Sam as steven, family is really important to everyone, our family members support us to do anything, their supports and love can not replace by any other things! it is not important that we are rich or poor, if we can be happy and warm, everyday, so, this will be my home, i wont leave it!:)

  31. My dream is to have a perfect family for myself, a hard-working and beautiful wife, clever and talented children. A perfect family is very important for everyone. Family members always quarrel with each other, and it damages the relationship between family members. If I have a perfect family, I am sure that I can have love from my family members, and our normal live will not be too poor or rich, but we can enjoy the most happiest and sweetest life of the world ❤ =]

  32. My dream is have a job that you won’t need to go to office, you just stay at home, write novels when you have time. I don’t want to be OL because I think it just likes on leash. I would like to have more freedom.
    My another dream is travel around everywhere by riding horse. I love horses and I love riding horses very much. Maybe this is because of I am Sagittarius 🙂

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