SU Advertisema 2011 (closed)

The semi-finals ofthe  Student Union’s Advertisema activity are being held this week. Did you participate? What was your idea? What do you think of the activity overall? Will you watch the competition? What competitors do you like better?


  1. Among all the activities held by SU this year, I think the Advertisema is the best one. I enjoyed watching all the shows very much. Participants had put many efforts on this competition. The semi-finals were wonderful!
    I also participated in this event. However, we didn’t get in the semi-finals. We didn’t feel upset about this because we have tried our best and we have enjoyed ourselves. Instead, I think it is a memorable experience for me. Through our practices, our friendship was built and I have an opportunity to cooperate with my teammates.
    The SU Advertisema is an amazing activity. I hope there will be similar contest holding next year!

  2. I think the Advertisma was a good activity to the class because it could make the whole class united.Besides,I think our class also enjoyed in it.
    I think the performances of the semi-finals are really fantastic!All of the audience (students,teachers and the judges)enjoyed in watching their shows and we should give a big hand to those who won the Advertisma.Although lots of participated groups couldn’t win or enter the semi-finals,they should give a big hand to themselves as well as they put a lot of effort and time in this competition.

  3. Our class had two teams to participated this competition but we all lost. Even we lost, we didn’t feel upset because we have learnt that teamwork and friendship are very important.”Failure is the mother of Success”,even we lost it, we can learn from this failure experience to have better performance next time.
    This SU Advertisema is a new idea for us .Athough it is new, I think it is an interesting and a memorable experience. The actors and actress in different class performed very well. I enjoyed this competition very much and I hope this competition can hold next year.

  4. Among all the activities held by the Student’s Union this year , I think “Advertisema” was the best one and I enjoyed it very much.
    In March, about 10 classmates and I formed “2Elastic” and joined the preliminary competition of Advertisema.Since we were quite busy that time (preparing for the UT), we didn’t spend too much time on it. Luckily ,we could still finish the competition successfully but at last , we lost ,and we couldn’t enter the semi-finals. Although we lost , I think we have learned a lot in it like learning some basic drama skills, co-operating with my groupmates , writing a script for the play etc.
    Therefore , I think Advertisema is a meaningful and amazing activity. I hope that it will be held in the coming year and I will pay more effort in it !

  5. The semi-finals of the Student Union’s Advertisema was wonderful. Last month, our class joined the competition and I was being the front stage heroine. My character is a stupid girl 😛 It was quite surprised when we noticed that nearly all classes joined the competition. We practised a lot but at last we could not enter to the semi-finals. Anyway, we know we’ve done our best and won experience and teamwork. It is definitely an unforgettable experience! 🙂

    Advertisema is the combination of advertisement and drama. We need to refer to an advertisement which is assigned and to create a new and creative drama. In the competition, I saw all the paticipants put lots of effort on it and did a wonderful performance. The ideas of the play and script were ingenious. Thanks for all the front stage actors and actresses, back stage staff and directors. Your good performance amused us a lot and we all enjoyed it very much! Besides, thanks SU for holding this attractive competition. 🙂

  6. Advertisema had left a memorable experience to all the participants and audience. I think it was a good idea to hold this activity. Although I didn’t participate in the Advertisema, I can see the great effort that the actors gave. That makes the shows great and wonderful. I am sure the participants would gain friendships and experiences through this contest. The final competition of Advertisema was held successfully and the champions did very well. I enjoy the show very much. Thank you for entertaining the whole school=)

  7. It is a good memory for the students who paticipated in Advertisema. I can see that they had put a lot of effort on it. Besides, through thier practices, they are being more united, at the same time, friendships between classmates were built. Although there would be some arguements, but we could learn how to cooperate with others at last.
    I think this activity is a good chance for students to have an unforgetable momery, and to unite their classes.
    After watching the performance of each classes, I could feel the passion. I think students should paticipate more in this kind of activities.

  8. I think the SU Advertisema has been held successfully.It is creative because it combined advertisement and drama.All the dramas in semi-finals were great!! There were different kinds of themes,some of them made me laugh and some of them were touching. I haven’t seen these kinds of dramas before.The participants paid great efforts on it .I think Advertisema can make the classmates get on well with each other,also improve their cooperation.Although it was the first time of the SU Advertisema, the qualities of the dramas were high.I like this event very much.I hope it can be held in the next year.

  9. I think that Advertisema is one of the wonderful activities held by SU. This type of competition needs great amount of creativity and co-operation between team members. To me, I was the first time to watch this type of the competition. It was quite interesting. Each team created a new drama based on an advertisement. Some of the shows were funny. Some were romantic. I could see that each team had put a lot of effort practicing their drama.
    I enjoyed all of them very much. Watching those dramas entertains every audiences, including me:D

  10. I think Advertisema is an amazing activity.Among those activities which were held by su, I think advertisema is the most creative and interesting, and it is a great idea, which combine advertisement and drama. Every team got their own stories, some were realistic, some were romantic, some were humorous….etc.
    Hope that su will hold this activity next year:)
    Great acting of the participants makes me enjoy the show:D

  11. I enjoy the SU Advertisema very much. It is a very interesting and creative activitiy. All the classes had some interesting drama.
    Although our class lost in the first round, we didn’t feel unhappy. It is because we have worked hard before. We have done our best. Also, we knew what is teamwork. If this activity is held again next year, I will also participate it and do better.
    All the classes had interesting drama. Some of them is funny, some of them is exciting. The acting skills of the actors and actresses were good.
    I am looking forword to watch this kind of show next year.

  12. SU Advertisema is a whole new experience for Lamwooers, especially me. Although I did not participate and act, I enjoy watching the show. I can feel the hard works of the actors from different classes. Last Wednesday was the final competition of the Advertisema. All of the teams had done a great work. Some of them were really funny. The advertisema is impressive.
    On the other hand, this competition can build up our creativities. All teams had thought of a new story of the advertisements, which is funny and some of them are even more interesting than the original advertisement.
    I think advertisema is a really cool and great idea. i hope Su could hold similar activities next year. It will bring us a lot of funs and memorable experience.

  13. It is definitely a splendid experience to participate in Advertisema. Our class is lucky to have a chance to perform in front of the whole school. I am going to perform as a childish primary school student. Wish me good luck!

    I was quite surprised when I knew all most all classes in the lower form join the competition. Competition was very intense.I think the topics provided is very challenging because we have to merge a thirty-second advertisement into a ten-minute drama. Advertisements usually contain the massage of promoting a commercial product only. However, a drama should have a deep meanings behind so writing a nice script is a difficult task. A wonderful drama should also be amusing. We must all give a big hand to our ingenious scriptwriters who paid so much effort in making our dramas so entertaining. Actors also confront a lot of difficulties(that’s my own experience). Time was running short before we realize that we have to start rehearsing the drama. We worked very hard on it. Everyone want to pay off.
    If you want to ask what can be improved, I would say the topic. I think it is not very fair for everyone. Some advertisements are easier to cope with then the others. Like our topic, “Win a fight, lose a family”, seems easy but others seems quite nonsense. I think we should have a unify topic for all. Other than that, everything is close to perfect.

    1. It’s really a good experience to enjoy drama. Although our class lost from the semi-finals, we gained our friendship and teamwork, that helps us to have happier school life and to gain more memorable memories in the last two months of our F.2. life. Besides, I think that to combine Drama and advertisement is really a creative idea, the idea can build up Lamwooers’ creativity, and it can also enrich our knowledge of a drama, as a drama club member, I think that it’s also a challenging and interesting competition. About the competitors, I think that all of them paid a lot of effort towards the competition, but I think that the competitors may speak more louder as in a formal drama competition there is no microphone provided, other than that everything is perfect. =]

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