Szeto Wah (closed)

As everyone in Hong Kong knows, the famous pro-democracy politician Szeto Wah died recently. What are your feelings upon hearing this news? What was his impact on Hong Kong? What was his impact on you personally? I would like to hear your views.



  1. I felt sad when I heard this news. Sezto Wah is a brave democracy fighter in Hong Kong and he voiced out many different kinds of opinions in order to force the government to make change. He served many people before. Also, he had been a teacher before and he educated many students. He is really hard-working , even though that he got cancer in 2010, he still tried his best to work hard. He told his fans that no need to worry about him. He will continue to serve all Hong Kong citizens. He’s really great!

  2. Here, I pay my greatest tribute to Mr. Szeto, who had been fighting for the democracy in Hong Kong and also China, our beloved motherland.

    I have made a good fight, I have come to the end of my journey, I have kept the faith;

    ———2 Timothy 4:7

    It is really to hear the death of Mr. Szeto since I know he is a hardy man who has great courage and strength to resist his illness. I eyes went very red after knowing his death.

    Uncle Wah is really a very well-respected as he never give up demanding for official rehabilitation of those involved with the Tiananmen movement and defending the freedom and democracy of Hong Kong.People will never forget him. His spirit will be passed on and on.

    Uncle Wah’s persistant in achieving his faith impressed me and I learn to do whatever you think it is right from him.

    Last but not least, it is my greatest pleasure to know about his deed.

    Rest in peace, Mr. Szeto. I believe the undone will be done one day. For it is the hope of the whole universe.

  3. I felt sad and depress when I heard the death of Mr.Szeto .His vision of democracy impressed me most.He was a rightous and outspoken person.So,I respect him very much.I hope the people will finish his unfinished wish of the redress of 4th June massacre.

  4. I felt sad when I heard the news. He was a great person. He took part in many democratic events. He thaught us to voice out our opinions when there is unfairness. It is a pity hat we lost a leader of democratic movements.

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