New Year’s Resolutions 2011 (closed)

What is your New Year’s resolution?

In many Western countries, at the start of a of a new year it is a custom to make a New Year’s resolution. This means to make a plan to improve your life by changing your behaviour in some way. For example, for this year, my resolution is to try to spend more time with my children and to try to finish marking compositions more promptly. You can find out more about New Year’s Resolutions and hear what some people hope to do in the following video:

Tell us about your New Year’s resolution.



  1. Actually, before watching this video, I had tried to set some goals at the beginning of the pass few years.
    This year, my new year’s resolution is to plan my time well .
    I always confuse about what to do and how long should I do. During the thinking of what should I do ,I already used up many time for doing nothing !Or elde I will just playing musical instruments whole day long. Although it is not a bad habbit for playing it ,it did used up most of my spare time.
    I hope I can take some action such as setting timetable detailly in order to let me know how to do the right thing at the right time. 😦

  2. After I’ve watched the above video, I started to plan my New Year’s resolution. I hope it’s not too late.
    First of all, I should complete more Integrated Science practice. In the first exam, I didn’t pay much effort on that subject. Eventually, I was entirely unsatisfy with my poor results. I learnt that hard work is essential for success. Therefore, I decided to finish more exercises, in order to get higher marks in the coming examinations.
    Besides, I should find out better learning methods of studying History and Chinese History. In my past practice, I usually recited all the things directly. However, I often completely forget what I had memorized a couple of weeks after. As it’s not effective, I have to figure out some useful and suitable studying methods. Perhaps I can ask my friends and teachers for more suggestion.
    Last year, some goals were failed as I didn’t have a great determintation. This year, I have to work harder and reach all the aims! Let’s work hard together! Last but not least, I wish all of you a happy New Year!

  3. My new year’s resolutions is to practise my Zheng more. I have started learning Zheng since F.1 and I think it is a really nice instrument because it has a nice tune. However, I didn’t spent really a lot of time to practise. Since the songs will get harder and harder in the future, I hope I can improve my skills and play more relaxed. I hope I can try my best and play well in the school music festival.

  4. My new year’s resolution is to have increased marks and better results but I can’t reach it each year.I think my problem is:I don’t have the practise to do preparation and revision before and after class.At the other hand,even it’s before exam,I’m not doing any preparation until 30 minutes before exam.So,I think I should bring up the practise to doing revision each night and i believe that I will have improvement on my results.

  5. My new year’s resolution is to be more concentrate on my studies. Last year, I can’t focus on my work easily and I was always thought something else but not related to my studies. Although I felt relaxed and happy during my thinkings, my results were so bad. I hope I can be more concentrate on studies and have a better results this year.

  6. Every year I think of my new year’s resolution,but at last,I can’t reach them.(Perhaps I am too lazy and I forgot them.)This year,I think I should have a change.Last year I had experienced many things,I think I should be more hard-working.Now,I finish all revision exercise for my mathematics and english.I hope that this can enrich my knowledge and maybe I can gain something more.Also,I hope I can do this continuously until this year ends.

  7. I uesd not to know what New Year Resolutions means. However, after watching this video, I have known that what is a New Year revolution. I think breaking the New Year revolution is easy since keep doing it is quite difficult to all of us!! Although I may be one of them, I will try my best to make my wishes come true.
    My New Year revolution is to study harder. I hope to be the top ten of my class. I want to be as smart as the other student in my class. I know that they get high marks in the exams because they have studied hard. I hope I can follow their study habit and study hard to get a higher result.

  8. Actually, I really thought for a long time about my new year’s resolutions. I seldom set goals at the beginning of my year. I make wishes on my birthdays only. Therefore, this time, I decided to set my goals earlier.
    This year, I hope I can improve my Mathematics, Chinese History, Geography and Liberal Studies. I didn’t do quite well in these subjects, so about the exam marks…don’t ask me.
    😦 Starting from now, I decide to do more Maths exercises. I will do every revision exercises of every chapters. Also I will do more Multiple Choice questions. I am really poor at this part. For Chinese History, I think I will start to revise it earlier. Moreover, I will read more Chinese books about the Chinese History so that I can understand it better and deeper. For Geography, I think I should spend more time for studying the diagrams. In this exam, I didn’t get any marks in drawing the diagrams because I didn’t study them hard. I just glanced them quickly. Now I think I should study harder in Geography. :-S For Liberal Studies, I think I should read more news which are related to our society. When I am reading the news, I read the Fashion part only. I like fashion very much and I am fascinated with accessories and clothes. Therefore, I don’t read the local news because I think it is very boring. Maybe I should make some changes now. Otherwise, I will not be able to improve myself.
    Besides studying, I hope I can do exercises more regularly. Last year, I do exercises in PE lessons only. I don’t participate in any events on Sports Day either. I guess if I don’t do exercises more, I will be a fat woman when I grow up. Therefore, I decide to do more exercises, such as jogging, swimming, etc.I hope I can have a healthier body this year.
    I think these are all of my New Year’s resolutions. I will try hard not to break my resolutions, though it is difficult. Last but not least, I want to tell everyone,”Well begun is half done”.Here, I wish everyone can have a marvellous new year!!! 🙂

  9. My new year’s resolution is to be more hard-working than last year. Sometimes, I was lazy and I did not want to do anything except lying on the bed or watching television, because I could do it without thinking and organizing. I felt free and relax while I was not doing those troublesome thing, such as doing homework. However, I knew that it was not good for me. Therefore, I wish I can be more hard-working this year.
    For me, it is new to make a new year’s resolution. I often make wishes on my birthday only. I set goals on the beginning of new academic years only. I have never make any resolutions. And I think that it is quite interesting. I will try hard not to break my resolutions this year. Wish all of you have a wonderful new year!!!

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