Open Day 2010 (closed)

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Last Friday and Saturday, we had the school’s 40th anniversary open day. How did you like it? What duties did you have? What are your favourite memories? How could the open day be improved?

Open Day preparations:

The Symphonic Band’s performance:

Open Day photos:


  1. I like the Open Day because the Form.6 dancing show and the band show was very nice. After the wonderful beginning, I played many games in different rooms. My friends and I played happily at our first Open Day. Lam Woo’s Open Day was so fantistic. Everyone enjoyed this special event. I got a big teddy bear but the most important was making a lot of friends. Although I don’t work for the Open Day this year, I will try my best next year! Lam Woo is my favourite school! Hurray

  2. Open Day was awesome this year. Everybody enjoyed themselves in this event.I had duties in Music Department and the game store.I was very tired after this event but I still feel happy.I have made more friends and have more confidence as I needed to perform in the hall.All the performance were really great, especially the band show. Everyone gave great effort to do the best performance.People wearing costumes were nice and took photos with everbody.Their costume were grand too.
    All in all I think Lam Woo’s open day is a great success. am proud of being a lamwooer.

    1. Oh my goodness! I am shocked as I see myself is right captured in the video. I think that should be the band’s first performance in the 1st day. (That’s because I missed the second performance.=p) The Open Day was a bit awful for me because performances and prantices filled most of the two days.
      What a pity that the drawing of the diamond prizes is totally unfair, isn’t it? It is unimaginable that after hundreds of people taking balls in the drawing box, no one get the “no.5”, which represented the toy bear. But life is unfair, isn’t it?

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