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I really liked Taylor Swift’s last album, but am undecided about the new one. For me, the album Fearless felt fresh and hopeful, the melodies where upbeat and the lyrics were optimistic and romantic. This new album, in contrast sounds rather bitter. The narrator in the songs is sometimes catty (“she’s an actress / she’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress”), self-pitying (“don’t you think 19’s too young to be played by your dark twisted games”) and sometimes even a little crazy (“there’s nothing I do better then revenge, ha”). Quite a few songs deal with regret (Haunted, Dear John, December, Last Kiss). The overall mood is perhaps best summed up by the song ‘Never Grow Up’, in which she give impossible advice to a young teenager. I guess the intended feeling is sweetness, but it is a sense of bitterness that comes through most. Taylor must have been through some heartbreaks since her last album and she has expressed her feelings here, but she hasn’t really added any insight (e.g., What has she gained from her experiences?”) . Perhaps, I just miss the optimistic feeling of her first two albums.  What do you think of the album? Will you be going to her concert in Hong Kong?


  1. I’m a super fans of Tay and I love her reli much.<3

    Is gotta addicted to her new album "Speak Now". Same as most of girls, She easily get hurt and sometimes befuddled by the actions of others who don’t treat her well. "These songs are made up of words she didn't say when the moment was right in front of her.She show her balancing the wistful teenage puppy-love that she has grown up lots.Like "Dear John," a song that has been widely perceived as referring to what may have been a brief, apparently regrettable fling with John Mayer. Tay sings with the hurt disappointment of someone who feels as though her optimism.

    Most of the romances, “Mine” is a notable exception, are either outright disasters or, at the very least, have dark edges, such as on the mid-tempo, layered “Sparks Fly.” 
She wants her boy to “meet me in the rain/kiss me on the sidewalk/take away the pain,” but she knows he’s a “bad idea.”

    My favourite track in this album is "Back to december".Tay apologize and she’s the one asking for forgiveness from Taylor Lautner.
    "I'd go back and change but i can't,so if the chain is on your door i understand."

    I want to watch her live in Hong Kong in Jan. However the tickets are really expensive and i can't afford it.I feel quite disappointed about this.

    I'll keep supporting Tay and I hope that she can keep going on.Any Swifter here?

  2. sorry, the above comment should be written by “Timmy Lee 3E37” but not “Timmy Lee 3E 31”
    Inasmuch as 3E 31 is not called Timmy but 37 is.

  3. Taylor Swift is a stunning girl owning a very touching and euphonious voice. Her songs could greatly inspire others.
    Indeed, i have been looking forward to listening to her new songs for a long time already. I initiate waiting for her new songs from the beginning of this year. These days, i was so felicitous since i could listen to her new album, full of beautiful melody and also meaningful lyrics in some of the songs. Besides, it seems that some songs are not purely country-designed, but also the rock style as well. After i had listened all her songs, actually i wanted to compliment her greatly and shrieked ,”Taylor Swift is fabulous!!”
    In the song “Enchanted”, there is a sentence “It was enchanting to meet you”,in my position, it became “It was enchanting to listen to Taylor Swift’s songs”Her songs in the album Speak Now is exceedingly romantic, and the situation of the characters in her songs sometimes could touch others. Like the song “Back to December”,it give audiences a message that she is regrettable and eager to go back to december, the sweet days between her and her lover perhaps. The melody is dulcet and made audiences feel relaxed. On the contrary, the song-“Haunted” was quite fast and cadenced. Sometimes i even followed the beats of the song to shake,ha!
    Compare with the last one album—Fearless, i think that that one is more countrified compared with the recent one. Speak Now has many fast songs(The Story of Us, Haunted, Better than Revenge) and those lyrics are more crazy. They show that the position of Taylor Swift is apparently plucky and insane. Some, are utterly soft and dulcet(Back To December,Last Kiss,Dear John). Some netizens commented that they even sobbed while admiring the beauty of Taylor Swift’s songs. I could only use one word to describe her new album——flawless.
    My favourite song,undoubtedly, is Haunted. Although it is quite rackety, i was captivated by the extraordinary melody. It has unique cadence, which turns me into a fanatic of this song.Among all the accompaniment, i prefered the Strings more. They played an important role in playing the whole song. The first few of bars are particularly attractive.
    The whole album Speak Now is exceedingly desirable. It showed that Taylor had altered changed herself in this year and paid great efforts in making this gorgeous album apparently. Hope that Taylor Swift’s next album could be more marvellous and surprised.

  4. Well, I’m a huge fan of Taylor Swift. I’ve been a swifter for about 2 years already :).

    Speak Now’s way to be my favourite album of hers. After a 2-year wait, the album finally came out. It’s been long and hard, but it’s absolutely worth it. I’m totally in love with the album.

    All the songs in it are so strong. The lyrics have become maturer, deeper and also more metaphorical. Like “Speak Now”, we can clearly see the message that Taylor wants to bring out: Don’t be scared of speaking out what you want to. And also for “Mean”, a nice fight back to Bob Lefsetz(a critic to Taylor) haha. “Back to December”, an apology to TayL, “Dear John” to John Mayer, “Innocent” to Kanye West etc. All these are having a clear theme in the lyrics and we can see Taylor’s really been through a lot.
    And I have some favourite lines<3 :
    "Today is never too late to be brand new." -Innocent

    "Soon she's gonna find stealing other people's toys in the playground won't make you many friends." -Better Than Revenge

    "Talking over football game with that same big loud opinion but nobody's listening." – Mean

    "You are an expert of sorry and keeping lines blurry."
    "I'll look back and regret how I ignored when they said, 'run as fast as you can'." -Dear John

    There will be no more space for me if I continue lol.

    Beside the lyrics, the melody and the style of songs are impressive and surprising to me too. "Mean" is way to be the most country sounding song that Taylor's ever made. She sang it so lightly, and funny. The rhythm is nice too. "Better than Revenge", a very rock one, like a sequel to "Picture to Burn", but a stronger one. And a big difference's that there's a writing target(Camilla Belle) in "Better than Revenge" haha. "The Story Of Us", somewhat like dance pop music. Very surprising one. It's hard to believe that it's one of Taylor's songs! "Love Live"'s like sequel to "Change"; "Haunted", can't think of any adjective but i just can't stop listening to it.

    Maybe I can talk about my favourite and least favourite songs.

    My number one favourite song is "Last Kiss". It's a sad, touching but also sweet song. I really cried. Beside feeling sad, I also felt angry. Joe Jonas is such a fool. Played with a girl's heart but never feel sorry. It has been already quite some time since they broke up. But Taylor still can't forget him.
    There's a quotation from Taylor that I really love: "A letdown is worth a few songs. A heartbrak is worth a few albums." Obviously, Jonas gave her a heartbreak, a so damaging one. I think there will be more and more songs about Joe coming. Let's thanks Joe for bringing us awesome songs!
    She also wrote "To my first love who I never thought would be my first heartbreak." in the prologue. She had a few boyfriends before Joe but she called him as the first love. gosh… how Taylor loved Joe, and how deep he hurt her.

    The least favourite one to me might be "Mine" :P. When it first came out, I love it very much. But after the others came out one by one, I couldn't call it as a favourite anymore. Even though it's a single. Not that bad, but just not strong enough and doesn't fit into the album. There is a clear story line but I just can't see something makes me touching, happy, or whatever.

    Comparing with the previous two albums. "Speak Now" really stands out! I can call it as a country rock album. But for "Fearless", not really country sounding, just simple teen pop. And most of the songs are in a romantic style. They are all similar too. It's a nice pop album, but not for country.
    "Taylor Swift" is an all-country album. The songs are very well-written. I love it more than "Fearless" but I can't really feel Taylor's thoughts inside the songs. That's one of the reason for why I choose "Speak Now".
    I'll give 8/10 to "Fearless", 9/10 to "Taylor Swift", and 11/10 to "Speak Now"!

    BTW, yup, I'll go to her concert! I'm really excited now! I've been waiting for a long long time. Also asking "When will Taylor come to HK!?", and dreaming what will be like when she really comes… Now my dream comes true! Just can't wait anymore!

    I'm so glad to have a chance to SPEAK NOW here (haha). Any huge swifter?

    *sorry for any grammatical mistakes of mistakes of expressions 😛

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