Surrogate Parenthood (closed)

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Lee Ka-kit, son of billionaire Lee Shau-kee,  recently made the news (Lee son talks diapers in babies row) because of his decision to have three children with a paid surrogate mother in the USA (commercial surrogacy—paying someone to have your child—is banned. What do you think of his decision? When do you think surrogate parenthood is acceptable?



  1. Surrogate mother is originally used to help people that with repriductive abnomalities. However, this case caused a manipulation of nature through technology. I strongly disagree with this.

  2. @Natalie. You have strong views on this subject. Are there any cases where you think it might be OK? What about a married couple who cannot have a baby because the wife is infertile (cannot have babies)? Can they hire somone one to have the husband’s baby?

  3. (*I am sorry for the wrong sent on the last post)
    The birth of the three sons of the bachelor son of billionaire tycoon,Lee Shau-kee have renewed a public controversy as the laws did not limit how far surrogate parenthood should go.
    In my opinion, I do not agree with surrogate parenthood. The reasons are three-fold. In fact, the main purpose of giving birth to a child is to extend generation. Human reproduction is actually natural, but as you can have babies through giving money to surrogates, it becomes unfair to the poor and unnatural.
    One of the main reasons is surrogate parenthood can be a complicated relationship. It against the moral standards.
    Another reason is in one family, there should be a mother and a father. The place of a mother or a father in a family cannot be replaced. The lost of one of the parents may affect the confidence and future of a child.

  4. The birth of the three sons of the bachelor son of billionaire tycoon, Lee Shau-kee, have renewed a public controversy on surrogate parenthood.
    The In my opinion, surrogate parenthood is morally wrong as a complete family should have father and mother. Nothing could replace a mother in the family, even though a single father try how hard to take care of a child.

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