Sports Day 2010! (closed)

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Did you enjoy the school sports day? What are your favourite memories? Did you take part in any events?

I did take part in the 3K race. I planned to take it easy as I have just recovered from a calf injury, but that didn’t work out–I injured the muscle again after a couple of laps. In Canada, my secondary school did have a sports day, but it was a very informal affair. It was just held on the track behind the school. Also, we didn’t have houses (this is a British tradition), so we just had interclass competitions. I sometimes wonder what the purpose of the house system is. Is it to foster a sense of competition among students? Is it to give students a sense of belonging?



  1. I enjoyed the sports day very much!I took part in 400m and high jump.I won a gold medal in high jump.I think it was an unforgettable experience for me.My favourite memory is my class won the champion of 4×100 relay.During the relay,classmates cheered excitedly.So I felt happy in the sports day.

  2. i thinks that sports day is a big day for lamwooers to show their talents on sports! i took part in 400m and 800m race. althought i cant get the medal but i gain lots in this game 🙂 my favourite memory is that 2E won the 4×100 relay! 🙂 that’s an exciting race i think 🙂 i enjoy this sports day so much!

  3. I enjoyed the sports day very much.I had took part in 400M and 800M race.Although I had tried hard to win the competition ,but I can’t win it.I thing that it is not important that I can’t win the race.My friends also say that I had run very fast,so I felt happy in the sports day.

  4. @Emily. Oh, I was very worried about the blue house girl (I taught her last year). Luckily she was feeling much better about an hour later. When I was running the 3K race with the students and other teachers, I got injured after 5 laps and wanted to stop, but then I though that if that F3 girl could still try so hard to finish, I better try, too. However, I’m not sure that was the right decision; of course, the injury became worse and worse. Maybe sometimes it is better just to stop and try again the next time.

  5. This was the unforgettable Sport Day! Although I did not take part in 400m race because of sickness, I enjoyed the whole day. Everyone gave their effort to try their best. Even though they did not win any prizes, I can see a big smile on their face.
    I remember that, a blue house’s girl don’t have energy to run and she fell down. All of the students on the auditorium cheered her up( including other houses!) . Unfortunately, she couldn’t finish the race. That time, I really felt that what is Friendship comes first while competition comes second.

  6. @ Luk Kwok Shing: Congratulations! That’s a great performance.
    @ Cheung Ka Lee: I thought Green house did very well in the sports day events. I noticed a lot of their winners were in B and especially C grades, so it looks like Green House will be difficult to beat in the coming years.

    Do check out the photographs posted by the Creative Media Studio team. Maybe you can see yourself in one of the photos:

  7. I didn’t take part in any events on the sports days, but I was not bored. On the two days, I worked as a cheering team member. We even got the award of v”House spirit”! I was so glad. Well, green house only got the second position in the sports days but we are not going to lose in inter-house competition!

  8. Sports day is a happy day for me.I got three medals at sports day.I got a gold medal and two silver medals.I and my friends are the champion of 4 times 400 metres race. We are very happy about it.But the most important thing is I can make a lot of new friends.

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