Liu Xiaobo wins the Nobel Peace Prize (closed)

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What is your reaction to the the news that Liu Xiaobo has won the Nobel Peace Prize? What do you think of China’s reaction? How do you think his selection will affect political development in China? (you can find links to relared news articles here:


  1. I felt delighted right after I hear that Liu Xiaobo was declared to be the winner of the Nobel Peace Price. Actually, my dad was even much more happier than me! Since he thought that Liu was really brave to say something against the Chinese Government.
    Of course, as usual, the Chinese Government had claimed that giving the price to Liu ‘isn’t correct’. THe most superficial explanation of the Central Government was that, the presentation of the Nobel Peace Price to Liu has broken the original idea of the price, which just for Liu is a prisoner, who has broken the law of China and ‘didn’t bring’ sort of unity and peace to the country. THough they said it quite a number of times, certainly it isn’t the inmost reason for the incident.
    In my point of view, that the incident has reflect a great gap between the politica stances of the Western countries and China itself. It’s the difference of a people’s government and a government that ‘poccessed’ the people. In China, there isn’t any idea as freedom before, but since Deng Xiaoping’s idea to open the country, the idea of freedom had entered the great boundary of China.
    Now, more and more Chinese got the idea of freedom that they have forgot for a long time since the Cultral Revolution etc. in Chairman Mao’s time. Liu Xiaobo had been one of the most active activist on searching freedom in China. Though he has nearly published the book, which spreads the idea of freedom and democracy in China, the government wouldn’t let his idea stood still in the people’s heart. He was soon arrested and was sent into jail (remember that the goverment has the absolute right to punish oneself ‘leagally’). That’s the point! And the Western countries saw it in their eyes. They soon made the action to give the Peace Price to Liu. Indeed, this showed their support to Liu’s idea to bring democracy to China. That made China feeling sort of uncomfortable, which the government is actually very sensitive to anything related to its politics.
    Although Liu and his wife may be quite sure that they wouldn’t be able to attend the price presentation. it has a significant effect to the fighting for democracy and freedom of the activists in China. And it’s just what China is scared about!
    Hope that the activists can continue their fighting towards bringing democracy and freedom to China!

  2. It’s an expected result that Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel Peace Prize as Liu Xiaobo has done a lot of things contributing to the human rights.

    I think it is an honour but also humiliation for Chinese that Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Why is it an honour? Actually, many people ignored the fact that Liu Xiaobo is the first Chinese winning the Nobel Peace Prize while criticizing the Chinese government. For the part of humiliation, it is because it has showed that human rights and freedoms of Chinese are exploited. People do not have freedoms of speech and press in China. This is really the difference between China and other strong countries such as USA. To become a real strong country, China has to solve this problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, there will always be a block on the way to strong country.

    Hope China will become a strong country, and Liu Xiaobo will be released soon.

    By Vincent Leung 3E(39)

  3. It is not unusual for dissidents to win the Nobel Peace Prize. I think the committee is trying to send a few messages. First, they are saying that if you want change, you should try to do it as peacefully as possible. Second, they are implying that human rights and freedom are closely linked to peace (i.e., the more human rights people have, the fewer wars there will be). This is a controversial idea (the Chinese government would probably argue that political stability is more important for peace). Third, they are telling the Chinese government that its policies are incorrect and that they should allow greater freedom and democracy (which, of course, greatly annoys the government leaders).

  4. Recently, I was astonished at the news of Liu Xiaobo winning the Nobel Peace Prize last Friday by the Nobel committee. He is the first Chinese to receive this prestigious award I have never dreamt about it. Liu Xiaobo was involved in the Tiananmen Incident in 1989 ; In 2008, he , one of the drafters, drafted Charter 08 which was a historical document of the greatest importance and blueprint for the future construction of a democratic China (actually it was a distillation of the wisdom of countless scholars over the last three decades drawing on the democratic experiences of Europe, America, the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and Asia, and adapting them to the situation of China). Then, unfortunately he was imprisoned and was a verdict of guilty, he had to be in prison for 11 years. As now he has got the Nobel Prize, I hope that he can be released by the Chinese government soon.
    On the other hand, the Chinese government has just refused to grant an interview with the Norwegian government, which operates the Norwegian Nobel Committee. Even the Chinese government prohibited a new Norwegian opera to be shown today. These affairs thoroughly reveals the misconduct, vindictiveness and the dark side of the Chinese government. As more and more countries ask the Chinese government to release Liu Xiaobo, it may be forced to release him one day. Liu Xiaobo is still imprisoned. However, he insists he is innocent and won’t succumb to the injustice on him. I really admire his righteousness.
    In conclusion, Liu Xiaobo has a profound impact on the development of China’s democratisation and it is maybe just a milestone for democracy in China. To be successful, it all depends on the willingness of the government to make improvements on policies and people’s lives.

  5. It is a pleasure to hear that Liu Xiaobo winning the Nobel Peace Prize, not only symbolizing the appreciation of Liu’s behavior by the whole world, but also the international concern of human rights and freedoms in the People’s Republic of China.

    However, I don’t think the Chinese government will let him out of jail. As in fact, other countries accuses it of restricting the freedoms of its citizens, especially the freedom of speech almost every year. For example, the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices released by the USA government every year always reported that the human rights in China have been restricted more and more tightly by the Chinese government. Nevertheless, it always argues that it has tried its best to protect and improve the human rights in China, and now it has been a legend which is undoubted. Wen Jiabao, who is Premier of the People’s Republic of China, gave a speech which was titled”Understanding a factual China” in a conference of the United Nation weeks before, he said, ” we(the Chinese government) will continue to respect and protect the human rights, maintain the justice in the society to accomplish people’s liberties and comprehensive developments.” This shows that the Chinese government thinks that there is already many freedoms in China and it is in a suitable level. Whether Liu wins the prize will not affect the policies towards human rights and freedoms in China.

    Of course, I congratulate Liu on getting the prize and hope that he can be released from jail very soon though the possibility is low.

    by Dennis L. 3E (38)

  6. I don’t feel shocked about that, in fact, personally I believe that the Nobel Peace prize is a bit politicalized. I feel quite curious because I want to know why the other nominees are not chosen.

    China’s reaction shows that the country still has the dark side although it seems to have improved compared with 60 years ago. What a democratic country! XD

    For the love of God, I do hope that Liu Xiaobo’s selection will have a positive impact on political development in China. However, personally I believe that China will try her best to conceal the other dark faces of the society. What a pity!

    I agree to what our dearest Matthew Lo said, I am not amazed. Right off the bat, I have already predicted the potential reaction of the Chinese government. They have their own reasons to do that, it’s a sure thing. No one wants to show his dark side.

  7. Actually, I feel really happy about the news as this award is given to a Chinese to appreciate him. It is a great honor for all the Chinese. Liu Xiaobo has tried hard to fight for human rights and freedom by using many peaceful methods in China though the Chinese government always objects him even he has never used forces. He is so pity that he is now in jail because of voicing opinion. Secondly, I think it is a way to irritate the politics of China.
    Because of living in Hong Kong for such a long time, I can feel that having so much freedom and rights in Hong Kong is wonderful. China has kept on using a stiff way to rule her people and control their rights. I think that China really needs to change to help speed up the development of her. This may be a milestone for China to renew her policy. She should grasp that she needs to use a new way to rule and take more action to face this problem.

    By Ada Wong F.3E

  8. I was delighted when I read the news about Liu Xiaobo had won the Nobel Peace Prize. He has pointed out the official misconduct and raised some better policies that the government can make so as to bring freedom to his country for years. Although the Chinese Communist government thinks that the peace prize has been desecrated, there is still some countries support Liu Xiaobo.

    Maybe Liu Xiaobo has been awarded the nobel prize can bring a change to China. Some countries even suggested that the chinese government should release Liu Xiaobo. I hope that the chinese government can really have self-examination and make some changes.They can try to accept the suggestions raised by Liu and other people in order to create a better society.

    By Anna Yiu, 3E

  9. When I heard of Liu Xiaobo was chosen to be the Nobel Peace Price winner, I was a bit shocked. For me, I have not much opinions about this event at all. But when I saw China’s action in the news, I felt unbelievable. Why does China behave so strongly? I think the prize winning of Liu Xiaobo doesn’t affect China much at all. China thinks that Liu Xiaobo is not suitable for winning the price and her action taken is so strongly that affects the relationship among China and different countries.
    Recently, the relationship between China and Japan has become worse. I think the loss of this is minor and greater than let Liu to win the price.

  10. Undoubtedly, Liu didn’t do anything wrong. It is simply nonsense to put him into jail. We should really appreciate the guts of the Norwegian government. They made the right choice.
    About Liu getting the Nobel Prize, I hope this can let him out of jail. I also hope this can help to bring changes to the stance of the Chinese government to democracy and finally achieve the dream of many Chinese, alive or dead —— A fair, free, democratic China. The Chinese has been fighting for democracy and human rights since the beginning of the 20th century and I hope this can be accomplished in the early 21st century. Dream, this is still a dream but let’s work hard and turn it into reality.
    I just want to cry when I think of the Tiananmen Incident. How inocent is the students! They were just fighting for a better future of their own country. The country they love the most.
    Last word:
    I love country but I don’t like party in China.
    God Bless China.

  11. When I read the news of Liu Xiaobo, I felt happy for him. He was put into jail last year, but I don’t think he should get this punishment. It’s not fair to him. He is so brave that he pointed out the mistakes of China government and I appreciate him very much.

    I think China’s reaction was “EVIL”, they tried to stop Liu to get the Nobel Peace Prize so that putting Liu Xiaobo into jail is not a wrong thing. It’s a selfish action.

    After Liu Xiaobo has won the Nobel Peace Prize, I think the China government would improve their political development. The Nobel Prize Committee gave the prize to Liu Xiaobo, that means foreign people also think China government had done wrong. They would give freedom of speech to people who criticized the government. But just a SHORT PERIOD OF TIME!

    Anyway, I congratulate Liu Xiaobo on his Nobel Peace Prize.

    by Nelson K. 3E (35)

  12. Well, to be honest, I am not amazed that Liu won the Nobel Peace Prize. With China’s ‘unopened’ society compared to western countries, political prisoners of China is often seemed as ’heroic’ to judges of other countries.

    Also, I am not amazed by China’s reaction. If you put yourself into a country leader’s shoes, you will understand my point. Seriously, if someone who offends your law is awarded with an international prize (and a large amount of money), would you feel pleased?

    To conclude, this incident is just another reflection of one of the many harsh pressure that freedom fighters in China faces. Hopefully China will provide suitable amount of freedom to her citizens.
    Reply by Matthew Lo, F.3E (41)

  13. Well, actually i was a little bit shocked when i heard about the news, for the sake of Liu XiaoBo is a dissident. It surprised me that a convict could be chosen as a prizewinner in the Nobel Peace Prize.
    In the news, it stated that Liu XiaoBo had always used a series of peaceful ways to express his own opinions towards the Chinese Government. He has never used violence to solve the problem. Since the above claims, the organisation chose him as the prizewinner.
    However, not all people support Liu XiaoBo to be the prizewinner indeed. The Chinese Government had immediately declared that it was really ridiculous to choose a dissident to be the prizewinner.
    I think the Chinese government should review its own policies instead of criticising the Nobel Prize Organisation only. Many countries have already critized on the Chinese government, and requested China should release Liu XiaoBo from the jail as soon as possible.
    Declaring freedom of Speech is very significant to declare in the mainland china. Lack of freedom of speech may cause many demonstrations and opposition towards the government. The incident of Liu Xiao Bo has already shown the discontent of the people greatly. In fact, not only freedom of speech,but also the press,etc.,should be declared swiftly.
    More freedom should be provided in order to make China into a better, ideal environment to live.
    I hope that the Chinese government could know their inadequacy in carrying out the policies, and build up a more ideal place for people to develop and live.

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