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The SU election just finished. What are your thoughts? What were your favourite moments? What do you hope the SU will do this year?

This year’s election was unusual as there were so many (27!) candidates, so the competition was quite intense. I could see that the candidates put a lot of effort into your campaigns.

It was also unusual because a lot of executive members sought re-election. Personally, I thought that they should have given others the chance to serve the school (but that is just my opinion). What do you think?

As an English teacher, I was also wondering about the language used during the election assembly. As Lam Woo is an EMI (English Medium of Instruction) school, shouldn’t the students that are elected to represent the school be using English? Or do you think that English should only be used in the classroom. I would be interested to hear your views on the subject?

Anyways, let us know what you thought of the SU elections?



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  2. I was amazing that there were so many candidates. Every group of candidate have different policies for the new SU and thier activities and welfares promoted were very attracting, however , their ideas would be combined if they were elected as each member was from different groups, so i only considered thier performance on the stage.
    The result was amazing but depressing- all the members of Delta,who had been the executives of the odl SU, were elected. I was afraid that they can’t bring great changes to the new SU because they know well about the affairs of SU, although they called themselves ‘Delta’, since experienced people usually do not listen to the unexperienced, especially when all 7 members are elected. I am curious that whether the SU would be divided into two camps.(it’s just a joke) X]
    Recently, the SU claimed that Ocean Park Halloween tickets were selled in a low price of $160. After i had bought two, the president of the SU told me that the tickets were not avalible unless i paid $191 for them. My first though was ‘Ah? But i have already bought the tickets. How come you suddenly tell me that i need to pay $31 more?’ I ‘m not blaming the SU and i also know that the sale was provided by the HKFSU and the SU should not be responsible for the price. It was just discontent from a customer.

  3. I have been excited for nearly half month about this big event. It’s the first year that I could vote for the candidates. Also, I found it the most exciting SU election in our history because there were 27 students who joined this election! I really appreciated their enthusiasm to serve Lam Woo students. Also, they have made lots of effort in this event. I hope those who won can keep on working hard for the students.
    Although Lam Woo is an EMI school, Chinese is our mother tongue. I think Chinese can be more effectively used by the candidates to explain their vision and viewpoints.

  4. I was excited to join the election.This is our first time to take a vote.
    Last year, because of the H1N1, we couldn’t join the event.And when we are in Form 1 , our vote is not calculated.
    And it is quite difficult to choose from 27 candidates!And it is obvious that the re-election executive had more ability and performed more perfect when presenting themselves.Therefore I think the election is not focus on “Do the other students have opportunity to serve the school?”As SU has an important place in Lamwoo, i think we should focus on the ability of them, think that if their ideas are good?Or how they can help us?
    And I think that they shouldn’t speak English in election.As the election is very long…..,It is already very boring=】And if they keep speaking english, I believe that many of us will feel impatient.Also, I think this will give more difficulties to them as English is not their language they used to.They will all perform badly at the question part.
    But I don’t think we should only speak english in classroom.As Lamwoo is an EMI school.
    we should always speak english.I think we shou ld speak English when we are buying things from tuck shop, borrowing books and returning books in the library etc.
    I think although Lamwoo is an EMI school, many studdents are not get interested in English.Many of us are very weak in grammar, vocab etc.

  5. This is the first time I watch the SU election.There are 27 candidates,they have well prepared.
    Therefore,I enjoy the election so much.They all want to help us to have a better school life. They bring up many ideas.
    I also very appreciate them. They need to express their ideas in front of a thousand students and they need to answer
    the questions.They are brave and clever.
    Although we sat in the hall for 3 hours , I think we choose the best candidates to become the member of the 20th SU.
    Finally, I hope they can do their best and we can enjoy our school life by their activities.

  6. The 20th SU Election was successfully held. I was quite excited and glad to watch the whole process of the election because we didn’t watch it last year. All of the 27 candidates had put many efforts on this election, I appreciate them very much. Also, I agree that Form 1 and 2 students should have a chance to vote for the executives so the results would be more fair.
    Furthermore, I think the free debate part was a bit annoying, the candidates were just focusing on the plan of the other team, but having no solutions after debating for a few minutes.=(
    Overall, I think the whole election should be shorter, it’s quite boring for us to stay for about 3 hours in the hall. It will be better if it is only 1 to 2 hours.=]

  7. Last year,I didn’t participate in the 19th SU election and I felt a bit disappointed. However,I can pacticipate and vote in this event this year and I felt very excited about it. Although the debate was wonderful,it last for too long. Moreover,I think the candidates have put much effort in the election. At last,I hope the 20th SU can do the best in the coming year.

  8. Since I didn’t have a chance to watch the SU election last year, I even felt more excited of watching the election this year. I appreciate the 27 candidates’ effort put on this SU election, like making posters and creating slogans. They did a fabulous job!
    I enjoyed the part that the 27 candidates announcing their platforms. I deeply remembered that some remarkable and humorous sentences from a few well-known advertisements were quoted in the first few candidates’ speeches ,which made me laughed a lot. However, to be honest, I started to become inpatient when the free-debate started. In my own opinion, I reckon that the candidates shouldn’t keep arguing with the minor mistakes which the other parties made. Instead, they ought to speak more politely.
    Furthermore, I have two suggestions to bring up. First, I deem the time of the election can be shortened .The election lasted for about 3 hours, and eventually we had to leave school at about 4:30 pm! As I can see, most of the students got bored or even fell asleep! In addition, I partly agree with Natalie and Amy Kwok—I hope that F.2 students can vote next year.
    Referring to the above question, I think that the language used during the election assembly should be Cantonese. Since Cantonese is our mother tongue, I believe the candidates can express themselves much better in Cantonese rather than speaking in English. Moreover, junior forms students will easily understand what they mean, and will not get bored.
    Last but not least, I hope our school life will be even richer and more unforgettable in the lead of the 14 executives!

  9. Just because of the H1N1,I couldn’t watch the 19th SU Election and I feel a little bit disappointed last yaer.Finally,at last week,I watched a beautiful and successful SU Election in our school hall.
    Actually,17th September was a very important day of the 27 candidates.Everyone of them valued the election very much.I could see that they had put a lot of effort on this election.They had thought their slogan,made poster,thought of different activities for us to join,strived for many welfare for our schoolmate and so on.Each of them did a lt of things but they just fight for a target ,and that was they can be a executive member of SU and they want to serve us.
    Maybe someone would say that the 19th SU executive members should not ‘re-election but I think that 19th SU was sucessful and they did well.If they really love SU and want to serve their schoolmates,it was no problem for them to re-election.Also,they had the experience to handle the difficulties.I believe they can do well in 20th SU.
    Accordind to your above question,I think that using Cantonese in the election is OK.First of all,Cantonese is our mother language so it is easier for the candidates to express themselves and for the audiences to understand.Secondly,if the language of the election is used English,is it unfair for the candidates who are weak in English?Thirdly,I think it will make the audience more bored if the candidates speak in English. At last,I congratulate the 14 new executives and I hope 20th SU can work sucessfully and happily.

  10. This year, we can participate in the SU election and I was excited about it BEFORE the election.However, I think that this election was a little bit boring AFTER the election.
    First, I think they didn’t arrange the time properly. They use 3 hours to talk about their platform and the debate. That is too long!! Originally we should leave the school at 3:35pm, but on that day I left school at 4:30pm!!! 😦 Moreover, I noticed that some of our schoolmates are sleeping during the debate period. Well, for my own opinion, I thought the debate was quite interesting. Though, some people just kept saying,’You are not answering my questions directly.’ ‘I ask you once again….’I thought they were a little bit annoying. This is a debate, not asking those meaningless questions again and again.Also, at the last the debate, one of the group blamed the another group,’Now it’s only you here, what can we say?’I thought that student was very impolite. Although it was a debate, that didn’t mean that you could be impolite to the others.Remember our School Major Concern:Learn to Learn, Learn to Respect. We have to respect the others. I hope that student can improve himself/herself.
    Thirdly, I think that the whole election should use English during the Election Assembly. As LamWoo is an EMI school, students should use English all the time. Furthermore, using English during the election assembly can help those electives to train their speaking skills and listening skills, as well as the students under the stage. This can benefit us, so why not?
    Last but not least, I hope the next SU election can be better and I wish them a prosperous and a bright future.
    ‘SU always try and go, Help you achieve ALL YOUR GOALS!!!!!!!’

  11. The 20th SU election was held in last week. This year, there was 27 candidates and 14 of them were born to be execultives.
    I’m glad to have a chance to watch the SU election instead of staying in classroom last year. As an audience, I was excited at the beginning because of watching such a wonderful debate. However, the time for the SU election is too long and it was a little bit boring.
    I see alll the candidates put a lot of effort into their campaigns. However, some of them were also the execultives of last year. Why didn’t they give a chance to other schoolmates to let them to serve the school?
    Besides, I think the language of SU election should be in Cantonese. We say Cantonese for at least ten years and we are familiar with it. However, if the election was all in English, many of our schoolmates would fall asleep (it’s just my own opinion).
    At last, I hope the 20th Student Union can do the best for us, and also for the school. I think they can do thier work well and always achieve all the goals!

  12. This year,we can take part in the SU election and I felt quite excited before the election,but after the election,I felt a bit bored and I feel like they’re wasting my time.They used 3 hrs to talk abt their platform and debate,but we’ve used only 10-15 mins for voting and during the election,some of the people in our class were only chatting.I think they can cut down a bit of time(especially the debate)and the election would be better.

  13. I appreciates all of the 27candidates very much. All of them are full of passion to serve the school ! It is a big event to the whole school and Iam glad that I can have a chance to vote and support them. Now, the result had posted on Facebook a few days ago. Congratulations to all of them! Hope that the 20th SU can lead our school to be more united!=]

    ** Agree with Cyrus and Jeanie, it last for too long….=(

  14. This year, we have a chance to watch the whole process of the SU election instead of sitting in our classroom. At the very beginning, I was quite excited about it. All candidates shared their targets and plans in a very interesting way. I enjoyed that part most. But after that, the debate started and became more and more vigorous. I think it’s a bit annoying as some teams just aimed directly on the plan of other teams. But they have no good suggestions anyways. Besides, I agree with Natalie that SU should count the votings of Form1 and Form 2 students as we are also the beneficiary. We should have the rights to vote the executives. But overall, I think the SU election was quite sucessful. Keep on going, lamwooers! 🙂

  15. The 20th Student’s Union Election was successfully held lastweek.There were 27 candidates and it breaks the record of the number of candidates.Finally,14 new execultives were born.
    Because of the H1N,I could not watch the SU assembly last year.Therefore,I felt very excited that I can have a chance to join this big event!
    First,I have to congratulate to the new execultives,but actually,I felt a bit disappointed with the results.I saw some people put many efforts ,not only into the campaign,but also SU!Though they dedicated that much,at the end,they just still didn’t make it…/_\
    Secondly,I think the election is a fair competion.Everyone should have a chance to elect for the posts,including the original execultives.I think that everybody have seen that how the 19th SU have done last year.They have confidence,experiences and creativity.Seats are always reserved for the capable,right?
    Respond to your third question,I think using Cantonese in the election is fine.This is because SU as a representative of the students.They should listen to the students’ suggestion.I think if the whole election is held in English,many people will fall asleep!
    Also,Cantonese is our mother language,and I think it will be easier to express our feelings.
    At the end,I think the 20th SU can dedicate the best to the Lamwooers.Bur also do not forget the 19th SU!”SU always try and go,help you achieve all your goals!”

  16. In fact ,I was quite enjoy during the election. Candidates express their views with power and confidence. Although the time was allowed, candidates control their time of speech well.
    In the election,students voiced out that the time is too long so that they couldn’t leave school on time,I think it may be the fault of SU or so what.For me , I think the election should beset like the hse election,the elestion can be seted after school,so that student can manage the time.
    The last but not the least,it is exciting for seeing so many lamwooers are willing to serve the school,hope that the spirit can last long.

  17. The Student Union Election was held last week. Although I think it was a little bit long and boring , I was still very glad to join in the election.
    First, I think the SU election shoudn’t use the English because the whole school will join this event, the Form. 1 may not understand. Also, the candidates can express their opinions clearly. But I think in the debate part can be use English, It will be more challenge so that we can know the candidates’ wisdom.
    There was one thing that made me confused, the SU was provides services to all of us and represent the lamwooer , but why they didn’t count our voting? We are also a member of Lamwoo! It was not fair!They didn’t listen to our vioce. I was quite disappointed with SU.
    (that just my opinion.)
    I hope they will improve the process of SU election next year.

  18. I could only stay in the classroom instead of watching the SU election in hall in the last year. Therefore, this is the first time that I watch the SU election. I think that this SU election is quite good. However, the election lasts too long. The students cannot leave the school punctually. Anyway, I feel very good. This year, there are totally 27 candidates. It breaks the record of candidates, I think. The candidates are well-prepared and their speeches are wonderful. The most unforgotable moment is the free-debate. It is very exciting. I can see that there is a fire in every candidates respectively. I think that 20th SU executives will work hard for all Lamwooers in the coming year. =]

  19. I am very glad to watch the SU election this year.I don’t have the chance to watch that last year,i feel excited when i know we can watch that.It will be the one my unforgetable memories in my F.2 year.I think some of the candidates’ speech are very funny.But there are some many candidates need to speak to us and the election during time is much longer than i thought.I feel sleepy because i have been sitting for a long long time.I hope the SU election can be shorter in the coming year.

  20. This year,there were 27 candidates!Compared to last year,there were more students participated in the SU election.

    Last year,we didn’t watched the SU election because of the H1N1.This year,I am very glad and excited to join the SU election.All the candidates had paid many effort on the election and I think they did an excellent job!

    I hope the elected candidates can do their best and help all of us!

  21. Last year we didn’t have a chance to watch the SU Election. This year was our first so I was pretty excited. It was quite interesting to see different candidates say their speeches. I try to think of how nervous they feel at that moment. Honestly, I started to feel a bit bored at the discussion part (like Cyrus). I think that part shouldn’t be so long because the audience may get bored.
    Lastly, I wish the elected candidates the best of luck in this school year. Hope they fufill their duties well 🙂

  22. I think the SU election this year was exciting but the time was too long. They did discussion made me feel excited, but some of them just repeat a sentences serveral times, it made me feel bored. I think the SU election should be use English for discussion because it’s more easy to let the viewers to focus on them. Use english can represent our EMI school but it seems too boring. Also, the candidates were more convenient to voice out their opinions. Therefore, I think the SU election use Chinese for discussion is correct.

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