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Last year a Hong Kong girl called Ruby started a video blog on YouTube called Ruby News. Her style and comments, particularly in one video in which she criticized a teacher for his poor English, created a really strong adverse reaction (If you don’t know what I am talking about you can search for her videos on YouTube. Though she deleted them,other people have copied and posted them).

Here are a couple of questions for you:

  1. Imagine you are Ruby’s friend, what advice would you give her about her blogging style and content? (Remember, you are supposed to be her friend, so be polite.)
  2. What makes a good video-blog? What are the qualities of a good video blogger? (Can you give us some examples? I like some of the popular bloggers like Community Channel, kevjumba and Nigahiga).

From my own point of view, I didn’t find her videos so annoying. She did make some valid arguments. I could see what she was trying to do, though she could have been more humble (a lot of the popular video bloggers make fun of themselves as well as criticizing others). I don’t agree that she should have been condemned for expressing views.

What do you think?



  1. I was surprised when I watched this video because she dared to criticize a teacher through the Internet. To be honest,I appreciate her courage so much.But I deem she has to improve her English first before criticize other people.Also,I think she has to voice her opinions in a more polite way instead to upload this video in the Internet.

    By Joletta W.(2E)

  2. Actually, I don’t think she is really that annoying.If I were Ruby’s friend, I would like to remind her about the public’s view, but in a peaceful way.I think she really pointed out some of the mistakes but she was impolite so other people thought that she was annoying.Maybe I could give her some advice about being nice to point out the mistakes.For a good video-blog, I think there should be plenty of videos which have the same purpose (e.g. entertaining people , educating people , providing information etc.). Also , the video-blog should be updated frequently so that up-to-date information will be provided.This is also one of the important responsibilities of a good video blogger.

  3. I see a lot of good points being raised. At the beginning of her rant she criticizes her own English quite strongly (thanks for the link to the webpage that has the script, Anthony), so I would disagree that she is proud of her own English. Based on the transcript, it doesn’t seem like her criticism of the teacher is very harsh. Is it something in her manner that annoyed people so much?

    There’s a good lesson about communication in this issue. Your ideas may be fine, but people care a lot about how you present them and the way in which you speak (including your, vocabulary, tone and body language). I feel kind of sorry for Ruby that she had to be the ‘teacher of this lesson.’

  4. The girl called Ruby is cutesy,and the way she talks make me shiver. i don’t know how could she get time to make this video,since she said that she was having her exam. Therefore, I suspect that she felt discontented with doing the papers badly, and then vent out her disappointment on criticizing the teachers.Anyway, to be a civilized person,we should expect Ruby.Those comments are way too harsh and it seems that they are insulting the girl rather than commenting her behaviour objectively.
    If I am Ruby’s friend, I would suggest her to speak in a more polite way,as I think a good blogger can poperly maintain his/her manner. I would not ask her to change her content,because actually,it is quite reasonable and funny. People dislike her mostly because she is too proud of her English.

  5. Actually i appreciate Ruby’s daring very much.As you know Youtube is such a powerful medium for people sharing their opinions all over the world.All the things shared on it can be viewed at once.Then,people will give different comments on them.Although we have the right of speech and press in Hong Kong,we need to be responsible for what we said and respect others.I think Hong Kong people have such strong adverse reaction due to her arrogance in the video, she criticized Hong Kong teachers have a low stardard of speaking English,however,her stardard of English is not really high…It make many HK people feel very disgusting on her.Does she want to be treated like this?

    If she really wants to share her opinions to others,she can express it in a more modest way.If her opinions are really constructive,it can also draw the attention from people.

    BY Candy 3E(21)

  6. If I am Ruby’s friend, I would ask her to apoogize through uploading a new video about apologizing to the teacher she teased at. It’s because it’s a rude and irrespective behavior. Being a student, she should respect her teachers. Although she was trying to piont out the mistake she found, but she can still say it in a more proper way. If she really wants to have her own video-blog, she can upload videos about her daily life.
    I think a good video-blog includes objective thinking and can criticise the society in a humor or metaphorical way, that’s why some video-blogs can be accepted by most people.

  7. If I were Ruby’s friend, I would ask her to apologize to the teacher she teasted at. It’s because it’s a bad manner and irrespective behavior. I would ask her to upload a new video and apologize.Also, her video is good-for-nothing actually since some method that she said it’s created by herself are actually discovered by the others in the pass. I would suggest her to upload some video about her comments about some news instead of teaching ‘new method’ of make up or cooking.
    I think a good video-blog includes objective thinking and will criticise the society in a humor way or metaphorical way. That’s why some video-blogs are accepted by most people.

  8. I did some research on her case last year because of the L.S project. I found that most of the people criticized her was not because of her annoyance or appearance (Some of the people even think she is beautiful). Actually, they disagreed about her arrogance. She recorded a video to criticize the English level of Hong Kong teachers harshly, however she had made lots of mistake in her recordings and some neitzens found that she was a model of a skincare product company. That makes the netizens thought that she wanted to attract people to buy the products. Thus, many netizens scolded her.

    In my point of view, I think people have their rights to voice out their opinions. For example, people can leave a positive comment to tell Ruby she may made some mistakes. Everybody has their rights to voice out their views. However, I don’t agree the neitzens should tease her or even reveal her real identity (such as name, E-mail or mobile phone number). Although they may have fun when they are doing it, they hurt the others seriously. In this case, Ruby was afraid and she deleted her video immediately after the people made fun on her. The ‘judgments’ were rude and unacceptable, they didn’t step into Ruby’s shoes.

    As a conclusion, I think the netizens have their rights to disapprove the others, but the comments should be in a nice and decent way. Besides, Ruby can take a look on the popular V-Bloggers. The videos of Kevjumba and Nigahiga are amusing and they can share their views modestly at the same time. For teenagers, we should know that the world of Internet has lots of traps, we should pay attention to them when we are using it.

    Extra Information:
    http://evchk.wikia.com/wiki/Ruby (Chinese – a case study about Ruby)

    http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100423150606/evchk/images/thumb/c/c6/20100424_C%26CAd.jpg/396px-20100424_C%26CAd.jpg (Ruby’s skincare product advertisement)

    by Anthony C. 3E 1011

  9. Granted,all of us have the freedom of press.Yet,we should voice out our opinions politely.Ruby critcized the teacher’s English.That was nothing wrong.However,she did not respect others.She pretended to be a high stardand person and pointed out a list of mistakes which were made by the teacher.It seems that she thought she is so arrogant that she is better than everyone else.Viewers may easily felt a sense of hate.If I were her friend,I would strongly recommend her to express her views in a more modest and polite way.This will give the viewers a good impression and they will be more concern about what she said.This is what a good video blogger like.

  10. It should be ‘a number of’, not ‘a numbers of’. (at the end of the 4th row)

  11. If I were Ruby’s friend, I would advise her not to use arrogant and aggressive language in her video blogs as Hong Kong people like to voice out their opinions, which are usually negative, on everything. She has criticized Hong Kong teachers in a rude and harsh way, but her standard of English is not really high, with a numbers of grammar mistakes in her video blogs. In spite of the fact that she has been pointing out some correct arguments on teachers’ standard in Hong Kong, viewers will have a bad impression on her as her attitude is quite disgusting. A good video blogger should express his or her viewpoints in a humble and polite way so as to make viewers to concern what he or she has said. So I hope Ruby can make a new video to apologize to the teachers who have been scolded by her in Ruby News.
    By Clement Cheung 3E(32)

    1. Haha,actually I have met her several times as she is a friend of my friend.But I didn’t know she is Ruby at that time.She is quite beautiful,doesn’t she?Therefore,I have a quite good impression on her.

      I don’t understand why HK netizens condemned her,for what?She is being so cute in the videos,and she really has some constructive points towards HK students.Why don’t we appreciate her brave and heart to share her opinions to us?

      Everyone has his or her right to express their opinions through different ways.We should respect everyone,although we don’t know the person.I know everyone has his own opinion,but if you want to express your opinions,please say them in a polite way.Most of HK netizens are rude and impolite in the Internet.They enjoy to critize others.Maybe they are unhappy in their real lives,so they release their anger in it.But,is it a good way to release anger?Maybe you think Ruby is childish,she had made all the mistakes she mentioned in the videos.But HK netizens,you should know you have no need and no rights to teach her anything…

      ‘Why don’t Ruby respect HK students and teachers?’Someone said.
      ‘Ya,this is the coclusion.We need to be tolerant of different views.I just want to give some advice to some of the netizens:To creative a harmonious world,everyone should pay an effort but not always ask others to be the person you expect.’

      I hope you don’t think it is out of the topic as I don’t give Ruby any advice and maybe I am very serious.V.

  12. If I were her friend, I would tell her not to act like that. As everyone have their short-comings, maybe that teacher is weak in English, or that teacher teaches Chinese. Also, she wanted to critize the teacher’s English but Ruby’s English is not really good. I think when she wants to critize the others, she needs to think if she has the ability to critize, or if she does so well in that area.
    Besides, I think a good viedo-blog should contain some useful information. For example, there are some viedo-blogs teach how to do the make up, or demonstrate how to play the piano. Good performances can also be a good video-blog.

  13. If I were Ruby’s friend, I’ll suggest her to study and practise her English first before making the video. I’ll also tell her not to criticize others if she is not better than the people who she judges. I hope she can improve herself after listening to my advice.
    2E Charisse Yim(31)

    1. In fact, I was shocked by her videos because I have never imagined that a secondary school student could have such courage to criticize a teacher through the Internet. To be honest, I deem it’s ok for her to express her views through the video blog. However, if I were Ruby’s friend, I would suggest her to voice out her opinions in a more courteous way. Although we have freedom of speech, still we need to respect the others.

      3E (Grace)

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