Introducing Lights: a new singer (Closed)

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Lights is a Canadian singer songwriter. Her pop-songs are gentle, but and upbeat—a little like Owl City in style. She has released one album (‘The Listening’) as well as a mini-album feature acoustic versions. You can listen to both of these CDs in the English Corner. This the song ‘Saviour’ (The embedding function has been disabled so just click Play and then click Watch on YouTube).

Watch Saviour on Youtube

Watch Saviour (Live Version) on Youtube

You can read about her here:


The night is deafening when the silence is listening
And I´m down on my knees and I know that something is missing.
Because the back of my mind is holding things I´m relying in
But I choose to ignore it because I´m always denying them.
(see all lyrics:

What do you think of the song? Are there any songs you would like to recommend to your schoolmates? (Stephen Richards)


  1. Hey Crystal . . . oh go$h, you have a dollar sign in your name!

    I did listen to the Snow Patrol songs. I was wondering what it was about. It seemed to be written from the point of view of a terrorist/time-bomb maker. That seemed a strange topic for a pop song, so I was wondering if there was a deeper meaning. I did some research and found this interview:

    ” SU: I read that “Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking” was basically his response to the whole Iraqi conflict and the general state of the world these days.”

    “Jonny: Yeah, we’ve been asked a lot about whether we were political or not in that view. But we were recording the album when the Iraq war was kicking off. We were down in London. We weren’t even up in Glasgow, and there was just that kind of “London is a target” and nobody really knew what was gonna happen next. And after 9/11 everyone realized it was an unsafe world no matter where you live, you know. That’s not so much political as sort of “Oh Sh**! What’s gonna happen next?” We’re living in really unsafe times, and there’s that fear for people that you know who are different places. And war is just a stupid thing that goes on in our world and most people have to face the consequences of that if you don’t make decisions about it. And that’s kind of our angle on it””

    Silent Uproar

  2. I think she has a really unique voice…she sounds like a faerie. This song has a dreamy effect that makes me feel dizzy. I’d love to get her album now!
    I definitely need a savior to rescue me from the black hole. Do you need one?Sometimes, I feel like as if I’m being stuck in the middle of a catastrophe.Life is so complicated and contradictory…Music can make me put everything at the back of my mind.
    Lights is very talented and I am jealous of her smoky eyes! I’m not gonna introduce Green Day’s songs this time because I know you would slap my face if I do. How about ‘Somewhere a clock is Ticking’? It’s a song by Snow Patrol, an alternative rock band from the UK. These are my favorite lines from the song
    Something happened, that I never understood
    You can’t leave
    Every second, dripping off my fingertips
    Wage your war
    Another soldier, says he’s not afraid to die
    Well I am scared

  3. @Melody, Yes, I also like Taylor Swift. I thought her first album was just OK, but the second one–Fearless–was great. Every song on the album is strong. She is regarded as a teen pop singer, so I think a lot of my peers (fellow ‘old cakes’) would find it strange that I like her music (I would even say that Fearless is one of the best albums of the last 10 years). I hope her next one is as good!

    1. Yes! I think Taylor is a successful singer.Although she is so young, she has got so many awards at the Teen Choice, etc. Also, the most incredible thing is she can break the Genius Record of selling the most albums in the world!!! I am quite excited when I heard this news! I also appreciate with her style and image, because she is a good idol for us unlike Lady Gaga, Ke$ha or 50 cents. Especially the foul languages in the songs and their weird style in daily life.
      Actually, I think Lights seems Taylor.Their lyrics are both soft, and make people quite comfortable when hearing them. The most important thing is their lyrics are meaningful and can teach how to make our life more colourful.
      I hope everyone will like them both~ ;]
      By 3E 7 *Melody*

  4. Actually, since the first time I heard this song, I thought it was quite encouraging and has inspired me a lot.
    The song is about Lights telling someone of her troubles and how she doesn’t like who she’s become. Furthermore, she tells them that one day, she will need them to save her.
    Saviour, a person who rescues or saves someone from danger. The name of this song gives us hope and light. The lyrics of the song is meaningful too. When anyone is in trouble, he/she may needs someone to comfort him/her. They may need someone to talk with them, listen to them or even help them to get out from trouble, as a “Saviour”.
    ” break off the chains and throw them away”,”shake off the dust that turned me to rust”, these two sentences signify that Lights wanted to escape from life. Break off the struggles in her life, and she is wanna to throw them away. Turned me to rust has showed she has been bored with the world and everything happens beside her. She is yearned for someone to save her, as a “SAVIOUR”!
    Besides Lights, I would like to introduce Taylor Swift(US) to everyone. Taylor is a country-pop singer-songwriter.Her songs are also peace and meaningful.
    Hope everyone will like them ! ;]

  5. I think this is a meaningful song about that everyone needs a “saviour” in their lifes.
    A saviour can be a friend, a lover, an important person of you…Anyway can be anyone. They are the person when we need a shoulder to cry or someone to talk with anythings.
    The lyrics that “I just want to run to you” is seems that when we see or being around our “saviour”, we can solve all the problems in our lifes.I think it is an amazing and meaningful song.
    I want to recommend a song which is called “Way back into love”. It is sung by Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett. It is the theme song of “Music And Lyrics”.
    Love is very important to us. It can give us hopes, and as the lyrics said, inspirations, love is the most basic need in everyone of us. I guess it is expressing that people always forget the being of love. When they feel lonely, they want a way back into love.
    The song is talking about a person who has broke up with other and feared to start a new love relation. But meanwhile, the person is finding a new lover too. The person wants a new love and want someone to lead him/her way back into love.
    Although it is an old song, it has a nice melody and meaningful lyrics. If you haven’t heard it before, you can try to listen it.

  6. I think this is a meaningful song about that everyone needs a “saviour” in their lifes.
    A saviour can be a friend, a lover, an important person of you… anyone. They are the person when we needed,

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