Favourite Street Snacks

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What is your favourite hawker food? I was reading a recent article on the CNN website—Gai daan tsai challenge: The quest for Hong Kong’s best egg waffle—that introduces some of the different kinds of waffles you can buy. Among all the different kinds of street snacks in Hong Kong, I like waffles the best (though roasted almonds are also). Which street snacks do you like the best?

The photo is from: Photo from: www.afoodieworld.com/stephfung/7022-top-5-must-try-traditional-hk-street-food-savoury-edition

A few years ago, one of my students at CityU wrote a poem about Hong Kong street snacks. Let me share it with you here:

Eating in the Street

Fish, turn into balls
become fishballs, are sold
for five dollars for five
uncooked, small;
cooked, they are GIANTS
people like GIANTS
people drool, hawker’s bag? Full.

Squid, with eight legs
only have four when sold
for five dollars for four
legs. Mind you, eat
the legs first or
sauce splatters your face
people drool, hawker’s bag? Full.

Waffles, too many squares
with peanut butter when sold
for five dollars for half
Caution! Hot!
With the power to cook your tongue
people drool, Hawker’s bag? Full.

Siu Mai, a dim sum
pigs become fish when sold
for five dollars for five
or six, wearing fine yellow jackets
with soya sauce and too hot.
people drool, hawker’s bag? Full.

Students, teachers, workers,
policemen, housewives, firemen
bowing together, 90 degrees
specks on uniform
people like eating in the street
stomach full, doctor’s bag? Full.

~ by Clara Cheuk

You can read more student poetry here: longzijun.wordpress.com/projects/online-creative-writing-workshop/

Anyways, let us know what street snack you like best (and why) by leaving a reply.  (Stephen Richards)



  1. My favourite street snack is milktea.I think the tea and milk is perfect match.It is first start making in 1945.It is one of the historical drink.The tea is bitter but after add in the milk,the taste will become smooth and sweet.Now,there are many shop which is selling drink such as comebuy ,sharetea,gong cha…But the best one i have try is kong yo,the pearl in the milktea is very yummy and i think it is not over sweet,because some shop want to cover the taste of tea,it will add a iot of sugar.I do not think it is good,because it is not health.The taste and the history of milk tea,is the reason why i like milktea.Do you agree with me?

  2. Hong Kong is a vibrant and densely-populated city, there are a large variety of street snacks for us to choose from. However, among all these glorious delicacies, I love both egg waffle and siu mai.
    Firstly, egg waffle is a traditional and symbolic street snack in Hong Kong. Inside the markets or the outdoor shopping streets, different elderly will hold a cart and thus set a branch and sell those mouth-watering egg waffle. Although you are miles away, you can still feel and smell the taste which makes you approach and have a try. It’s golden-yellow in colour, with crunchy surface and yummy egg-flavoured taste inside. I think this kind of street snack is really second-to-none in Hong Kong. Every time, whenever I feel exhausted, I’ll rush and buy the egg- waffles for refreshments and it works!
    Secondly, siu mai with shrimp ham inside tastes fabulous. Whenever we make it a try, we can feel the taste indeed. That’s absolutely great and that’s also another street-snack that symbolize Hong Kong.
    Are they your favourite street snacks then?

  3. My favourite street snack is egg puff because I love its texture . It is crunchy outside and soft inside. Now ,there are a lot of favours of egg puffs,such as chocolate,vanilla etc. I have tried a chocolate favour egg puff once. It is delicious that I think I will just eat egg puffs for my whole life!

    1. I think so too. Egg puff is a really good street snack. It makes me feel happy and satisfied when I eat it. I think this is the one of my favourite street snack. I hope that I can eat it every week and recommend it to more people.

  4. As I love eating spicy food,I think my favourite street food is fish balls.When it is winter,I always eat the spicy fish balls because it can keep me warm.The fish balls with the spicy sauce are perfect match.
    What is your favourite street food?

  5. My favourite street food is Cheong Fun. You just see the Cheong Fun without the condiment , you will think it is not yummy or dry. However, when you put some condiment on the Cheong Fun, you may think that the Cheong Fun is colourful and become attractive. You can put a lot of condiment at the top, such as sweet sauce, soy sauce, sesame and sesame paste. I love eating Cheong Fun is because it is not so soft or so hard. It is in a moderate level. I hope that people can create more yummy food all over the world.

  6. there are many street snacks in HK.My favourite one is egg waffle because it is really soft inside and crunchy outside. How amazing!Egg waffle is my favourite,how about you?

  7. There are different street snacks in Hong Kong .My favourite street snacks is fish balls .It is really yummy and it is usually very cheap .You can buy it in only a few dollars .We can also easily to find the places which sells fish balls ,it’s almost every where !This is my favourite street snacks ,how about you?

  8. There are a lot of different street snacks in Hong Kong and they are all very yummy. I like babble egg most. It tastes like bread. And it is not very expensive. I really like to eat therefore I tried to make it by myself at home, but it failed.
    What is your favourite street snacks?

  9. I guess many people like egg puff very much,me too!I think egg puff is one of the most special street snacks.It is not very expensive,everyone can afford buying it.It looks like a “golden beehive”.I’m sure that you will be attracted by it at first sight.
    Besides its attractive appearance,the wonderful smell can also capture your heart.You can still be able to smell the sweetness of it from far away,it must makes you drool.
    Let me tell you how tasty egg puff is.The crust of it is crispy,but it’s soft inside.Although quite a lot sugar is added in it,it’s not very sweet.Remember to eat it when it’s hot,otherwise,egg puff won’t be so delicious.
    As a fan of egg puff,I love to see how do people make it.I can see that they need to mix sugar,eggs,flour,water and evaporated milk together,and mix them well.Just put the mixture on a beehive-liked machine finally,then you can enjoy it!Is it a extremely easy job?Make it with your family and friends,it can be a excellent afternoon tea.
    Eating egg puff with friends will make me feel happy and lucky,how about you?It will be my favourite street snack forever.

  10. hong kong street snack is really popular and this is a specialty of HK. i think i love fish balls most! in MK, i can taste them and comparing every shops on the same street!
    do you love the fish balls with curry? i think it is quite spicy but it taste so good! that curry is not the same taste of india or malay curry. should i call it HK CURRY? remember that when you are eating this snack, bring your tissue along~ the curry will make you mouth turn into yellow! ;D

    1. There are different street snacks in Hong Kong .My favourite street snack is egg tarts which consists of an outer pastry crust and is filled with egg custard and baked. It is really delicious and the reason why I love to eat is touching. When I was small, my mum and dad need to go to work from dawn to dusk, they didn’t have time to take care of me. So, I always go to grandma’s house to do homework and have a nap. My grandma is a kind, lovely, happy old woman. She always ask me what do I want to eat but I am not hungry at that moment so L often ignore her. Grandma never get angry when I ignore her, she will keep asking me the same questions when I was having a break. She was worried that I was hungry so she will go down stairs and buy the egg tarts for me. Although I felt embarrassed, the smell of the egg tarts is really attracting. At that moment, I am eating like a hungry tiger. Grandma always helps me to clean my mouth and face as it was dirty after my ”afternoon tea”. She have never complain about it and I can feel that grandma really loves me very much! After I went to primary 4, I seldom have a chance to go to grandma’s home and I finally know that how valuable grandma are. When I grew up, I always went to buy the egg tarts by myself. I can feel that my heart has been lost something, it was the feeling that grandma gave me when I was small—–Love and care. Now I can only feel that I am lonely as no one are beside me.

  11. I think the poem is really interesting, and I like the first two lines
    {Fish, turn into balls, become fishballs, are sold}
    And my most favourite street snack is Stired-fried Chestnuts.
    When it is in cold winter, you can buy hot and tasty Stired-fried Chestnuts.
    First, put it in your hand and feel the warm in your hands and when the warmness get through our whole body.Then eat them.Taste them slowly and enjoy it.And you will feel warm after eating them.
    It is really an enjoyable thing to eat in winter.But it’s a pity that less and less people appreciate this food and therefore less and less hawker sell them.

  12. It is a funny poem.Among many different kinds of street snack, egg waffle is absolutely my favourite.I usually share that with my sisters. What I love the most is the crunchy sound when I eat the egg waffle. Often, waffle and egg waffle will sale together. Waffle is too sweet for me as it is with some super sweet sauce. I’ve tried the chocolate one too but to my disappointment , the chocolate egg waffle is quite strange both the taste and the look. The egg waffle became more expensive nowadays. When I was small , it only takes about $5 but now it takes about $ 9 to buy one. As a result, I eat less egg waffle now.

  13. There are really a lot of special street snacks in Hong Kong! Among all the street snacks,
    I like fishball, fries ferments the three treasures and bowl of whelp wing. Fried fishball , which is also a type of the fries ferments the three treasures, I usually have it with soya sauce. Fries ferments the three treasures usually have green pepper,
    bean curd and eggplant, but other food such as fishball, crabstick, sausages etc. can also be chosen in this snack. Usually they are sold $5 for 3 pieces, they are cheap and delicious! Bowl of whelp wing is my favourite street snack. There are mushrooms, pork,
    vermicelli in this snack. We can add vinegar so it will not to be too sticky. Hong Kong street snacks are really delicious!!

  14. The poem is really funny! I love the last sentence : stomach full, doctor’s bag? Full.
    My favourite street snack is bovine offal in a bowl. Although some people may think that is nasty, I love the special texture of the offal and the heavy taste of the sauce. It is very hot when it is served. I like eating it in winter, after eating it, I would feel warmer.
    I like eating egg waffle too. It is tasty and has a cute look. I like to split the “eggs” and eat them one by one. I think it is quite full to eat the whole waffle, so I often share that with my friends.

  15. People always say that Hong Kong is a paradise for the eaters. I think that is true! There are really many different kinds of food in Hong Kong. However, I think only the streets snacks can stand for Hong Kong because it is a special culture of Hong Kong and it is hard to find the hawkers along the streets in other contries or cities.
    Among the street snacks, I like the gai daan tsai the best. Not only because of its great tasting and texture, it is also because it is one part of my childhood memories.There is a hawker near my kindergarten. I liked to buy a pack of gai daan tsai every day after school and every time, I watched the hawker intently to see how she make it.
    Unfortunately, it is hard to find hawkers that is selling gai daan tsai one by one with their heart.
    (The hawkers nowadays will make many gai daan tsai and let them ‘settle’ on the shelf .When I eat it, it is already cool down! /_\”)

  16. I love eating curry fishball most.I think it is really delicious as I like eating spicy food.However,although fishball is sold in many places,it is quite difficult to find a place to eat fishball which tastes good.

  17. Although there are fewer and fewer street stalls nowadays, there are still many Hong Kong students like to eat street snacks together after school and of course I am one of them.
    For me ,my favourite street food is Gai daan tsai not only because its great taste ,also it is heavier than other street snacks. When stallmen are making other street snacks like fishballs or egg waffles , they will add a lot sause in them so that they contain many fats and they are healthy for us.
    I especially like eating Gai daan tsai in the Winter because the stallmen will make the Gai daan tsai when you buy so it will be very hot and make you fell warm at once.
    Last ,I agree with Michelle.I also think that street snack is one of our special culture in Hong Kong.Besides, it is a special memory of all Hong Kong students so I think it will be a big loss for Hong Kong people if the street snacks lost in here.

  18. I like eating street snacks and my favourite street snack is egg puffs.
    Egg puffs is very popular in Hong Kong. Recently, many other different favour are invented. Some of them are interesting, but some them are kind of weird. I’ve tried the chocolate favour, it tastes quite good but I think the original favour is a lot better.
    This street snack is a part of Hong Kong culture, I hope it will not be lost.

  19. Among many street food, I love egg waffle most as it tastes good. Nowadays, people are so creative, there are egg waffle with many taste,like chocloate. I try that before but i still think the original one is better. However there are less and less streeet stalls now…

  20. I think no one will hate eating fishballs, waffles, siu mai, etc. Well, I like eating the waffles most. Not only because of its super sweetness, but also the special squares on it. I love squares. I think squares can make me feel calm, safe and peaceful. In the winter, when you are holding a warm waffles decorated with peanut butter and milk and sugar, you will feel very warm and sweet. Suddenly all the unhappy things and preesure will fade away. it is a small, $5 waffles only, but it can help you to go through this cold winter. Amazing!!! 😛

    1. Um . . . actually I hate eating fishballs. I think they are too bland and way too rubbery. I also think that the shape is unnatural. Maybe that is a result of my upbringing overseas–I can accept fish in the form of rectangular prisms (fish sticks), but I don’t think fish should be spherical (fish balls). 🙂

  21. Well, that’s quit a funny poem. Actually I think that it’s a kind of characteristic of H.K. Only H.K. have that kind of big number of hawkers on the street selling all kinds of snacks although they are not so hygenic. But, it’s a sad phenomenon that many of the hawkers’ stall were being closed by the govenment because they are not “hygenic” enough. Hope the government consider that it’s a special culture in H.K. and keep it!

    1. @Eric and Marco, yes. There are fewer stalls these days. I haven’t seen any ‘smelly bean curd’ carts for a long time. What happened to them?

      The smell is really terrible, but it’s a unique part of Hong Kong culture.

  22. Hong Kong is well-known of having different types of food and the street snacks are probably the most special one. I love eating waffles most because I love eating sweet food. However, since the waffles contain many sauces such as peanut butter and milk, it is easy to make our hands dirty when we hold the waffles.

  23. My favourite street snack is egg waffle , also called gai daan tsai . I like to eat egg waffle because it is tasty when serving it at hot . It also has different tastes but I like the original taste most . Making a delicious egg waffle is difficult .We can eat egg waffle every where but not all of them is tasty. I hope it can be kept.

  24. I think some of the Hong Kong Street Snacks are really delicious and my favourite Street Snacks is smelly tofu. Although the smell of smelly tofu is really bad, I love its special taste. But since the smell of it is so unacceptable, many shops are forbidden to sell that. It is a pity that it is harder to find smelly tofu.

  25. My favourite street snack is Shark fin Soup in bowl. Of cource it is not the real shark fin soup. There are no shark fin in it. Real sharks fin soup is very expensive and we have not many chances to try the real shark fin soup. Because thre are fewer and fewer shark in the world. Therefore, I would like to eat the FAKE Shark fin Soup. Although it is fake, it has great taste! Instead of shark fin,it contain rice vermicelli, pork, egg, elm fungi, dried black mushrooms and water chestnut starch. This soup can served with vinegar, sesame oil and pepper powder. So that you can see that there are many different food are inside the small bowl of fake shark fin soup.
    If you haven’t try this before, you can try it when you see it on the street.It’s taste good!

  26. There are many different kinds of street snack in Hong Kong.
    Many of them are all delicious and popular.
    My favourite Hong Kong street snack is the brown sugar rice pudding.
    My mum always took me to go to buy the brown sugar rice pudding when i was studing in the kindergarden.
    I love this food since i’m three or four!!
    Some of the puddings have red beans inside that but i like the one which doesn’t has red beans more.

  27. Charisse from 2E(31) says:
    Hong Kong Street Snacks are really delicious and special. I enjoy eating them very much!! However, my favourite Hong Kong Street Snacks are the Waffles. Peanut butter plus sugar and milk are a perfect match. I hope thay can be kept forever.

  28. As I love eating sweet foods,my favourite street food is the Waffles. First,it contains my favorite sauces,such as peanut butter ,butter,sugar .Secondly, it is always hot,it makes me feel it is fresh. It tastes likes sponge too.
    Are there anyone agree with me?

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